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USA Software Competition Theme/Topic: Any of your choice Win Rs. 5 Million as investment Last date of entry : 5 October,2019 Event Date : 15 November,2019   Team participation (1-3 people) SOFTCOM 2019 is a software competition to be held at the University of South Asia’s state of the art CIE Campus. At SOFTCOM you are required to present a software project whose application topic is not limited to a theme. You can present a software on any topic, theme or idea. A software project can be new or already existing for some time. During the realization of the project, you can use any existing tool that suits your goals. For example: C #, C + +, Java, etc. We strongly encourage the use of mobile and other devices necessary for the operation of the project. It is important to note that you must have the right to use tools. For example, if you use a paid game engine, then you are bound to have its license. The same rule applies to any used resources (images, music, etc.). It is a competition of innovative projects for the development of Internet of Things. Concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is close integration of the real and virtual worlds, which creates communication between people and devices through the Internet. Round 1 – 15th November 2019 – 10 Minute Presentation The teams invited to the 1st round will present their project in front of an audience in a 10-minute presentation. A brief description of the problem and its solutions will be needed at this stage along with a brief description of the technologies that were used for its realization. Live demonstration of the project will be a mandatory part of the presentation. The teams that succeed at this round will win a pass to the second round. [...]


USA Business Idea Competition WIN Rs10 MILLION INVESTMENT EVER HAD A BUSINESS IDEA THAT STANDS OUT? Then University of South Asia’s Business Idea Competition is the ideal springboard for you to project that unique idea. Contest your idea and win upto Rs. 10 Million to kick-start your venture! Here at USABI, we give you the platform to showcase your idea and an opportunity to make it to the next level with us. From the first application round you will be given ample time to present your dream idea in a chance to win mega funding for your startup The best teams will have the opportunity to present in front of esteemed venture capitalists and seed fund investors to gain life changing investments. Our 1st Round takes place on the 8th of November 2019 at the USA CIE Barki Campus, where you will enter an entrepreneurial environment, see the big dream and grow your network with like-minded people FIRST ROUND 5 Minute Pitch Time Applications will be reviewed by the experienced USABI team and the most promising ideas will be invited to present their ideas at CIE Lahore in a brief presentation of 5 minutes, in front of an audience of like-minded individuals. Judges will evaluate your idea in the given time and results will be announced 3 days later SECOND ROUND 30 Minute Pitch Time Teams that go through to the second round will be asked to present a more detailed executive presentation of their business ideas. Teams will be guided by questions about their startup’s value proposition, pricing and sales strategy, financing plans and their visions for the future. Each team will be given 30 minutes to present their idea in detail. SECOND ROUND Hour Pitch Time The best 10 Teams will then enter the final round of USABI. [...]


QEC Symposium

QEC symposium was held on June 27, 2019. QEC officials from 5 different universities attended the symposium. The topic discussed was "Higher Education: Quality in all we do".

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Career Counseling Session

Session by Mr. Muhammad Munawar Farooq on “Goal Setting and Tips for Career Prioritizing” for all USA students across all departments held on March 25, 2019. He gave some life-changing insights on how students should focus on their future endeavors.

Career Counseling Session2019-08-19T07:26:27+00:00

Khanpur Dam & Monal Trip

A one-day recreational visit of Students of USA Raiwind Road Campus for Khanpur Dam & Monal Islamabad was organized. The students under the supervision of their teachers enjoyed through various activities like cliff diving, boating and paragliding. Hopefully, this tour will be very useful for both faculty and students as a part of their academic as well as professional excellence.

Khanpur Dam & Monal Trip2019-05-02T06:42:45+00:00

Session on Depression

University of South Asia has presented a connected motivational conference along with MB Events & PR in collaboration of ELAAF Solutions: "Passion to Rise" Topic: "Let's Talk About Depression to Deep Happiness Together" It was a great conference on how students should handle their depression by the well-renowned personalities from the industry. few clicks from the event are attached below ...

Session on Depression2019-04-29T06:37:24+00:00

USA-NetSol Academic Linkage

USA-NetSol Academic Linkage! NetSol Technologies have signed MOU with the University of South Asia for the award of Rehmat Ghauri Gold Medal for BBA High Achievers by the end of their degrees. Alhamdulillah, we are confident NetSol-USA collaboration will strengthen over time and will also be a harbinger for further industry-academia linkages. Such linkages will help build University's image as well as contribute towards serving the cause of higher education in the country. Even one of the blocks of USA is named as Rehmat Ghauri Block.

USA-NetSol Academic Linkage2019-04-27T06:32:15+00:00