What is Digital Media Marketing?

Is it accurate to say that you might hope to emerge from your competition? It might seem like old news that to do as such viably in the present market implies utilizing digital marketing strategies. So, what does Digital media marketing really mean? What's more, for what reason is digital marketing so imperative for organizations? To separate it to the least complex terms, online marketing can be depicted as the content and procedure used to achieve consumers through their applications of PCs, cell phones, tablets and different sorts of digital media. Over the most recent multi decade or so the world has demonstrated a change in perspective from analog to digital. An ever increasing number of individuals are devouring a wide range of data online subsequently making digital marketing the most ideal approach to contact your focused on customers. We inquire as to why Digital Marketing is so vital. The significance of digital marketing works not just for advertisers, it gives something inventive to the customers as well. Give us a chance to see and comprehend the significance of digital marketing. How did it emerge? Technological advancements have opened the gateway to a plethora of new communication vehicles, and internet platforms provide companies with the opportunity to reach a whole new audience. No matter the size of your organization, there’s simply no excuse for not utilizing digital marketing tools to improve your company’s position in the marketplace.   Why to use digital media marketing? The purpose of digital marketing for business lies in the option to select your process of marketing as per your budget and reach a wider spectators at a cheap cost. Even a decade back getting your product marketed especially for a small business was a tedious and strenuous task. Most of the exclusive models were just out of their reach and they [...]

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The Importance of Web Design and Ergonomics

Introduction “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works." ~Steve Jobs The recent advancements in the technologies have made the internet available everywhere. People are more connected these days using social media and different community websites. Websites are playing a vital role in the digital age economy these days. There are a lot of e-commerce businesses which exist online such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba Group etc. People spend a lot of money there buying different household items making these platforms to earn millions of billions of dollars annually. People discuss different experiences with each other online as well on different community websites. These platforms are naïve and easy to use. So there is a question, how do these platforms work in a way that everyone uses these web-based systems find it easy to use? The answer is, Design! Why Design Ergonomics are Crucial? The design is inevitable and exist everywhere. Doesn't matter, if you use a laptop or other gadget for your daily routine activities, or clothes you wear, or pen you use, the design is involved in everything. Because it controls human interaction with things. If the control is configured in a way that human interaction is simple, this interaction can be impactful and enjoyable. But if it's not, then it can add extra ambiguity and confusion to the user. For example, if you're a creative infographic professional and wants to show people your portfolio to increase your global reach, you can have a website which shows your creative skills. But if the design and layout of your website are not good, it can bore people or they can get confused about your skills leading you towards losing a potential client. A recent study shows that designed oriented companies have a significant market share over the [...]

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Progressive Web Applications

A progressive web application is the arrangement of versatile web application development procedures that involves building applications which just looks like the native applications. PWA is user-friendly and compatible with every browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox with full responsiveness in Desktop, Mobile and Tablet View. As the Security is concerned HTTPS is used to stop from the cyber-attacks and snooping. PWA used the latest web technologies to give a feel of Applications. Progressive Web Applications is the mixture of the Web and native applications. Its execution speed is fast as compare to other native applications. Working of Progressive Web Applications:- The technology which is used in progressive web applications is Service Worker. The purpose of using this technology is that it enables the offline functionality such as push notifications, updating, caching the content. Service worker just act as a JavaScript where code is written to call events on run time such as Push Notifications. App Shell technology is also integrated in it. The working of App Shell technology is used to load the application first and later it loads the content. The content and the design runs separately to enhance the speed and usability of the applications. Benefits of using Progressive Web Applications:- Responsiveness:- The main objective of all application developers is to give the full responsive application on all the compatible devices. These progressive web apps are very responsive on all the devices such as desktops, laptops, tablet and Mobile. Progressive:- As it the name tells itself that the web applications are progressive which means that these apps are developed with progressive enhancement and they can run efficiently on any browser. Offline works:- There are a few circumstances when an application is required desperately, yet the user does not have a facility of internet connection. So, this progressive application helps [...]

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Tale Teller of Artificial Intelligence! Chapter 1: Where it all started? “It is good to be certain, one has to be sufficiently vague” ~ Charles Sanders Peirce The innate art of wondering is what that has made humankind ponder over the hidden realities of the world and gradually evolve. Humans when started questioning the existence of each entity around them their thought process and power of perceiving got stronger and clearer. Hence led to endless amazing discoveries and scientific creations which uplifted the lifecycle from cave to condos. Although the evolution of human brain from questioning to conclusions took centuries, the core of thought process always revolved around just three aspects i.e. what? why? and how?. While looking for answers of their own intriguing thought process, humankind developed most powerful tool, Intelligence! A tool that made them stand tall, fly the skies, land on other planets, and make their mark even on galaxies far, far away.   Chapter 2: An Idea When Incepted, Changed The Entire World..!   Now that humans had created advanced era of technology and introduced the machine age their core of thought process grew another outer layer of What More? In 20th century their lust of wonderment got combined with desire of supremacy and they started working on theories and devices which can do tasks of humans and even better than them. Alan Turing paved the path of modern age computers and technology by introducing the concept of machines learning on their own. It was just an idea..! Idea that changed the entire world after its inception. Machines were designed to learn from the intelligence and experiences of humans, build their own intelligence, carry out tasks by that intelligence, and learn from their own experiences. As astonishing as the idea sounded, it was something more than it appeared right from the beginning. [...]

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Careers in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Industry has developed significantly in the past 2 to 3 years. The data and facts speak for themselves, while other industries are growing at a rate of 10 percent growth, Digital Marketing has witnessed growth by 40 percent year-on-year. Markets all over the world have moved from the traditional practices of marketing to a digital version in recent years because of the evolution of new technology and changes in consumer habits and behaviors. We know what the next question arising in your mind is! What is the Scope of Digital Marketing? At the end of this blog we are sure you will get the answer to this question. The world is going digital and by the end of the year 2020, there will be more than 1 million jobs is Asia alone in this field. Progressive field where new developments take place every day. Hence you will have to keep on updating yourself with new knowledge and skills, giving you the chance to remain ahead of the curve. Digital economy is expected to be worth US$200 billion by 2025 in Asian Countries alone. Variety of career opportunities, with room for young people to grow. Greater control over marketing activities and ability to track effort.   Let’s explore the different career options available in the field of digital marketing. Digital Marketing Director or Manager: Digital Marketing Director or professionals are responsible for driving the strategy and planning for paid search, affiliate, email, display and organic search to drive sales and engagement for both digital commerce and physical outlets (if they exist). They normally should have experience of 5+ years. They need to have in-depth knowledge about the whole field of digital marketing along with strong business acumen in order to head the whole of the digital marketing team. Passion for performance marketing and hitting KPI’s is a needed trait [...]

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The thriving sphere of World Wide Web has reached over the 1.8B websites with less than 200 million active websites till the date according to Netcraft Web Server Survey - January 2018. There are 1.8 billion websites out there and your website is just the part of the big clan. Think of earth it seems big, think of earth in the solar system it becomes small. Now think of earth in the multiverse, it is almost none existent. Your website is earth and the internet is the multiverse. FEELING SMALL? It’s alright to feel that way. The earth can’t do anything to get big. However, your website can create a new big bang.   With the right vision and right skill set for it, you can make every customer of yours, need your product and chant the name of your brand. Your website has infinite powers and unlike universe it has the ability to expand. Oil the cogs of your entrepreneurial brain and use technology that is freely at your disposal. In order to bring all the creative ideas your brain think of to life. Your customer wants to have a customized website that talks to them for which the mass produced themes are enabled to fulfill the needs. With the knowledge of holistic development for your mobile application and website, you can produce a nuclear website that can eradicate your competition. We all like to have things properly organized so that they are easy to fetch when required. Remember the pair of scissors that you could never find but your mother could? Well! She knew where to look. It’s exact same case same with your database – in order to find right information either by your customer or by yourself within the fraction of the second you need to have a well-defined, developed and organized [...]


In This Dynamic Digitalized World, Don’t Be a Dinosaur

With the advent of technology the landscape of marketing for any given business has shifted online on the digital spectrum. In-order to ensure your survival in the cut throat competitive world you need to constantly upgrade your skills and be equipped with the knowledge of the latest trends to not only survive but to win the war of survival of the fittest. Your vision should be futuristic and the gene of the digitalization should be inculcated in your skill set DNA. Unlike many other occupations, every branch under the digital spectrum umbrella is here to stay for the rest of time. Therefore, the importance of the certification and diplomas cannot be emphasized enough. It is important to understand that most of your target market has shifted towards online purchases of products, seeking unique content to read and being alive on social media platforms. Statistics show that an average person spent almost 13% of their entire day time on mobile phone – a point to wonder for entrepreneurs/business analysts and marketers. For a visionary individual who wants to step into the area and come back as a champion rather than be run over by a stampede, enhancing their skill set with renowned diplomas is of utmost importance. There are numerous institutions offering various programs of the digital spectrum, however one must make a wise calculated choice when making a selection amongst these institution. University of South Asia offers detailed diploma programs with learning outcomes encompassing every strategic skill set required. Keeping in lieu the long term prospective of the hyper dynamic market and the high variation of individuals interested in these courses, University of South Asia is now offering Professional Diplomas and Short Courses to resonate well with your professional needs. Make the right choice today so that the future professional “YOU” can THANK YOU!    

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Become a Pain Saviour with the Degree “Doctor of Physiotherapy”

Do you want to be a doctor but do not have the marks or money to study MBBS? Why not go for a degree in physiotherapy? The history of physiotherapy dates back to the era of ancient Greece. Physiotherapy is one of the oldest methods to heal physical ailments and strains. The field of physiotherapy has seen great evolution- From a simple treatment procedure to a collection of therapies, the area has expanded immensely. With the expansion of the physiotherapy field, the job options would also be on the rise especially in areas with gaining population. Did you know? In Pakistan, there are only around few thousand qualified physiotherapists. However, as per the estimated figures, one physiotherapist is required for every 10,000 people. Hence, the requirement for trained professionals is growing with time and make this career very lucrative. What do Physiotherapists really do? Okay, so you know that Physiotherapists help patients to recover from physical injuries but what kind of injuries? When any patient is injured due to some genetic effect or the result of an accident or illness, physiotherapy is the healer. Hence, having adequate knowledge of human anatomy and intricacy of bones and muscles is a must. Another important quality that one must have is the ability to communicate with the patients. A physiotherapist must reflect confidence when talking so that the patient and relatives are convinced. As a physiotherapist, having excellent interpersonal skills and having empathy go hand in hand. Also, a person must have the physical strength and willingness to work for long hours. Since you need to work closely with the doctors, you need to be an organised worker. What is the career scope after Physiotherapy? A career in physiotherapy can lead to a variety of exciting and challenging jobs in the healthcare system. Physiotherapists can specialise in a variety [...]

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Become a Fashion Designer

During the course of your study, you develop a range of skills which include illustration design techniques, technical drawing, apparel management, fashion management, etc. As part of your curriculum, you also get to learn sewing, tailoring, pattern draping techniques and some on the job training. Moreover, you also gain an understanding of all things uber cool like latest fashion trends, brand and market awareness and the issues faced by the fashion industry. Besides this, there are a host of other things that you learn during the course of your degree like enhancement of communication skills, problem-solving skills, time management, etc. What could you be? Have you always wanted to pursue your higher education in something that is super interesting? Then, go in for fashion designing as it is the perfect choice for you. After attaining the bachelor of design in fashion design degree, the sea of opportunities available are unimaginable. And NO, being a fashion designer isn’t the only option you have. In fact, you can be anything from a clothing technologist to an event manager to a retail merchandiser. Here are some of the other designations you can be recruited as. Retail Buyer Retail Manager Textile designer Visual merchandiser Moreover, if it seems to interest you, you can also work as a Jewellery Designer, Magazine Journalist or Make-up artist. Once you venture into the field of fashion and design, the entire fashion industry is waiting for you. If you work hard in this industry, sky is the limit for you. In the fashion industry, jobs are everywhere- Export houses dealing with textile, handloom and clothing exports. Haute Couture Fashion Shows where you can work in various segments based on your area of interest. TV and Film Production units require people from the design background quite frequently. Government-handloom and textile manufacturers are always looking for people [...]

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Skills you need to become an Architect & Planning Expert

Choosing a career like ‘Architecture’ with a specialized PCATP approved degree Bachelors in Architecture (5 years) helps you with your professional growth and takes care of your personal skills as well. Alternatively, a degree like Bachelors in Building and  Construction also sets you on the path to success. Choosing a career demands interest and capability to excel in the required skills. Similarly, if someone is interested in opting for architecture and planning, he/she should be aware of the required skills to be an ace architect. Skills of an Architect Architecture is a branch, for all the people interested in modelling and remodelling buildings, houses, monuments and other architectural structures. A promising field like architecture can help one to grow personally as well as professionally. Becoming a successful architect also requires admission in a good university. Getting admission in PCATP approved universities like University of South Asia is a great way to start. These universities provide the best facilities to help building individual futures. If one is in dilemma and needs to be sure if he/she will be able to do justice with the career, then knowing the qualities of a good architecture student is a must. Here are some of the skills required to be an architect: Analytical Mind To be a good architect student doesn’t just mean attending classes and getting a degree with high grades. It is also about being creative and having problem-solving strategies in mind. One needs to keep looking for the best solutions and alternatives as per the requirement. Overcoming all the constructional challenges and coming out with the best designs to avoid structural issues are also the much-needed attributes of an expert architect. Design & Drawing One of the most important aspects of architecture and planning is to know about creative designs and drawings while incorporating the use of technology. [...]

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