Career Planning
with USA
Career Planning
with USA


Career Counselling Office The Career Counselling Team at USA is committed to helping you choose the right direction in you Academic and Career Goals. We want to empower you to make the right decision and visualise your future, however you may dream it.

Our team of experienced Career Counsellors and Higher Education Consultants will assess your potential and identify skills that you need to acquire, whether they are Professional Experience, Digital Skills, improving your current qualification or Foreign Education: your dedicated consultant will choose the right path for you.

Career Guidance Services

We Will Help Our Alumni And Fresh Graduates For Other Universities In

Building a Digital presence

Goal Setting and Exploring Progressive Careers

Personal and Interpersonal Skills

Personal Branding and Employability Skills

Higher Education Abroad

If you dream of studying and settling abroad, our CSO is equipped with Foreign Education Consultants who can make this dream come true. We work in collaboration with different foreign universities in providing our students with International exposure through Foreign Placements, Student Exchange programs. University of south Asia will support you in all ways possible to fulfil you dream of studying and settling abroad. We organise Job Fairs Leading Educational Consultancies participate to represented prestigious universities of the world.

In order to provide maximum information to interested students CSO at USA provides need-based one-to-one counselling regarding higher education abroad.

Transfer of Credits

Having looked at the lucrative opportunities provided by USA, you might feel stuck and dissatisfied with your current choice of University. It’s not too late, you can still take the life changing decision of joining USA for your higher Education. We accept students from all HEC recognised institutes from Pakistan as well as Abroad. We will assess your current program and find a best fit alternative for you here at USA.

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USA has dedicated it's Campuses for one cause- Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Our goal is to work with brilliant and dedicated minds for fueling innovative thinking and delivering premium education using latest pedagogies. We are offering unique opportunity for you to grow your career while maximizing the impact you have on society.