The role of Mathematics is inevitably important in today’s world. Problem-solving, thinking critically and logically, and high level quantitative and numerical computational skills are highly required attributes in most of the organizations. BS Mathematics helps students to be highly numerate. Additionally, students develop special skills which they can use in devising solutions to complex problems. Having equipped with such skills enable graduates to seek creative careers in applied science, physics, banking, etc.

Marks Required : 50%

Credit Hours : 132

Duration : 4 Years

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Campus Name Scholarship Percentage
DHA Campus N/A
Cantt Campus 55%
Gulberg Campus 75%
Raiwind Rd Campus 75%


Semester 1

Sr. Course Title
1. Calculus I
2. Elements of Set Theory and Mathematical Logic
3. English Composition and Comprehension
4. Introduction to Computers
5. Pakistan Studies
6. Mechanics I

Semester 2

Sr. Course Title
1. Calculus II
2. Software Packages
3. Academic Reading and Writing
4. Introduction to Programming
5. Islamic Studies
6. Mechanics II

Semester 3

Sr. Course Title
1. Calculus III
2. Discrete Mathematics
3. Principles of Micro Economics
4. Introduction to Statistical Theory
5. Arabic Language and Literature
6. Communication Skills

Semester 4

Sr. Course Title
1. Affine and Euclidean Geometry
2. Linear Algebra
3. Ordinary Differential Equations
4. Principles of Macro Economics
5. Arabic

Semester 5

Sr. Course Title
1. Topology
2. Differential Geometry
3. Real Analysis I
4. Algebra I
5. Vector and Tensor Analysis
6. Chinese Language

Semester 6

Sr. Course Title
1. Partial Differential Equations
2. Classical Mechanics
3. Complex Analysis
4. Real Analysis II
5. Functional Analysis
6. Algebra II

Semester 7

Sr. Course Title
1. Numerical Analysis I
2. Number Theory
3. Mathematical Methods
4. Advanced Group Theory
5. Mathematical Statistics I
6. Quantum Mechanics I

Semester 8

Sr. Course Title
1. Integral Equations
2. Numerical Analysis II
3. Probability Theory
4. Algebraic Number Theory
5. Thesis