‘It’s the steady, quiet, plodding ones who win in the lifelong race’


(Robert W. Service)


This term is quiet self explanatory if we look into it in terms of being successful. Every student wants to be successful in his student life as well as his professional life, but for that he needs to take a few very important steps for the success he desires in life. Students might not take their extracurricular activities seriously but to tell you the truth, professional grooming starts from a very tender age.


Institutions do play an important role in providing a motivating atmosphere and relevant oppurtunities but most importantly it depends on one’s own perseverance and how thoughtful you are towards life. So let us look into the details of some very powerful tips for developing employment skills during your student life.


  1. Volunteer Work  
    Keep yourself actively involved in all the ongoing activities within the university, anything that involves responsibility, managing and planning which will boost one’s confidence and passion which will benefit in the coming future.
  2. Public Speaking
    It is very important to take part in some sort of public speaking at a smaller scale at an early stage, it helps to analyze one’s own abilities to present themselves publicly in front of an audience with ample confidence. It will help you in person as well as in your career, it helps in fighting with the anxiety which comes with it.Get yourself involved in debates, declamations and even presentations within the classroom.
  3. Internships
    If you’re lucky enough to find corporate internships then do opt for them and keep them on your priority list for sure as they provide you a gateway to the professional world.
  4. Attend Seminars and Trainings Sessions
    It does not matter about the topic of the seminar, you should still attend. It widens your horizon and enhances your knowledge about life in general.
    There are a lot of seminars which are being conducted free of cost in your nearest preference and can be very useful, and most importantly it helps you in building a network with different professionals from all types of disciplines.
  5. Ask employed family members about their experience
    It is always good to have real life examples and to get inspired by the success of different people around you, also learn from their mistakes and don’t repeat them in your own life. Sometimes you really do benefit from the golden advices of successful people who have accomplished their goals and have suffered rough patches in their lives to be where they are right now.
  6. Register yourself online on top portals (Rozee.pk, LinkedIn) etc;
    These online profiles are very popular nowadays and a lot of people have been recruited to startling positions through these online channels. Look for employer’s demand, they shall see yours as well so it gives you a better overview of yourself too that where you lack and where you can surpass.
  7. Study beyond the course
    Studying beyond the course enhances your general knowledge, you are able to talk on a lot of different topics confidently in all sorts of gatherings. Listening and reading about biographies which opens your mind and you learn important lessons from such readings.
  8. Use of Technology
    Technology is used extensively for all sorts of work and its usage can boost your career prospects. Androids, blackberries, iPhones have a very dominant role in today’s world and if you use them effectively and appropriately then the usage can benefit you in ways you can’t even envision.
  9. Willingness to team
    A successful individual is the one who is not rigid to team up with different people and work with them. He doesn’t feel abashed to do anything voiced by the authority and works with harmony.


            By Nayab Naveed