Faculties Approved
in the Charter

The act of law passed by the Punjab Assembly, is the Charter that governs the teaching programs of the University of South Asia. In total, university has 10 Faculties approved, under which 200+ degree programs are offered in 80 Departments.

Faculties at USA

Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technology

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology imparts knowledge and skills in computing, software development, and managing digital systems.

Faculty of Management Sciences

Faculty of Management Sciences offers comprehensive education in business, leadership, and organizational management, preparing students for diverse industries.

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law provides legal education, teaching students about laws, regulations, and the justice system, preparing them for careers in legal practice.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences nurtures understanding of human behavior, culture, and societies, fostering critical thinking and social awareness..

Faculty of Art and Fashion Design

Faculty of Art and Fashion Design cultivates creativity, teaching students to express ideas through visual arts and innovate in the dynamic world of fashion.

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences educates students in medical support fields like nursing, medical technology, and therapy, vital for healthcare excellence.

Faculty of Sciences

Faculty of Sciences explores natural phenomena, teaching students about biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy, unraveling the mysteries of the universe.