Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture

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Fall & Spring Intake
Duration Duration
5 Years
Semester Semester
Campuses Offered Campuses Offered
Cantt Campus
Entry Requirements Entry Requirements
Minimum 50% in inter or equivalent examination


The Department of Architecture at University of South Asia, is one of the oldest schools of Architecture in private sector institutions, Lahore and contributing in building industry by providing architecture graduates on a regular basis. We offer five-year Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) program which have ten semesters and 172 credit hours with a thesis project. The program is designed to give more than 50% weightage to studio work. The five years of the programs are distributed as the first two years formed the formative level and focuses on developing the ability to handle exploration and convergence as the basic of Architectural Design in terms of architectural analysis and synthesis of ideas. The third year is intermediate level where design skills are major objective. At this stage design needs are resolved contextually, conceptually and programmatically. The fourth year is the consolidation level where the focus is about capitalizing onto learning experience where scale and complexity can be strategically varied in terms of project demands to landscape, urban design or even interior architecture or issues of culture and identify for the wide ranging and enriching of architectural comprehension.

The final year focuses on a thesis project through research where complex architectural problem is solved on the basis of the knowledge of previous years. Students are supposed to display all program learning outcomes in a thesis project at a minimum acceptable level.

We believe on quality education with continuous quality improvement process. In this regard, the outcome based education system (OBE) is implemented in architecture program and courses are designed accordingly. Under this system an effective assessment process is introduced to identify the student’s strengths and weakness which helps the faculty to develop plans to strengthen the weak areas of the students at individual and cohort level. Our regulatory body is Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and accreditation council is a Pakistan Council of Architects and Planners (P.C.A.T.P.).

Program Objectives


Have obtained registration with P.C.A.T.P. as professional architect and applying architectural knowledge in preparing design proposals and solving complex design problems for societal benefits.


Have gained popularity among architects’ community and clients with reference to design skills, integrated design solutions, innovation and research work.


Contributed as an architect in effective decision making on complex and unpredictable circumstances as a team member or as a team leader in medium to large architectural design firms and known as good collaborator among architects, engineers, builders, investors, and clients.


Have attained a good repute among colleagues and clients in terms of dealing, working, code of ethics, honesty, sincerity and dedication in the profession of architecture.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must achieve minimum 50% marks in Intermediate or equivalent qualification.

Roadmap of the Program

Year 1

Semester 1
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
Arch 111 Basic Studio -I - 6
Arch 112 Graphics and Model Making - I - 2
Arch 113 Materials and Construction - I - 2
Arch 114 History of Art & Architecture - I - 2
Eng Freshman English - 3
Hum Islamic & Pak Studies - I - 3
Semester 2
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
Arch 121 Basic Studio -II - 6
Arch 122 Graphics and Model Making - II - 2
Arch 123 Materials and Construction -II - 2
Arch 124 History of Art & Architecture -II - 2
Arch 125 Thermal Comfort - 2
Eng English Communication - 3

Year 2

Semester 3
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
Arch 231 Architectural Design Studio - III - 8
Arch 232 Graphics and Model Making - III - 2
Arch 233 Topographical Survey - 2
Arch 234 History of Art & Architecture - III - 2
Arch 235 Advance Thermal Comfort - 3
Arch 236 Architectural Structures - I - 2
Hum Islamic & Pak Studies - II - 3
Semester 4
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
Arch 241 Architectural Design Studio - IV - 8
Arch 242 Computer Applications - 2
Arch 243 Materials And Construction - III - 2
Arch 244 History of Art & Architecture - IV - 2
Arch 245 Engineering Design Systems - I - 2
Arch 246 Architectural Structures - II - 2

Year 3

Semester 5
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
Arch 351 Architectural Design Studio - V - 8
Arch352 Introduction to AutoCAD - 2
Arch 353 Materials and Construction - IV - 2
Arch 354 Theories of Architecture - I - 3
Arch 355 Engineering Design Systems - II - 2
Semester 6
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
Arch 361 Architectural Design Studio - VI - 8
Arch 362 Advance AutoCAD - 2
Arch 363 Interior Design - 3
Arch 364 Theories of Architecture - II - 3
Arch 365 Engineering Design Systems - III - 2
Eng Technical Report Writing - 2

Year 4

Semester 7
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
Arch 471 Architectural Design Studio - VII - 8
Arch 472 Urban Design & Planning - I - 2
Arch 473 Landscape & Environment - 3
Arch 474 Architecture in Pakistan - 3
Arch 475 Elective- I (3 D Modeling & Animation) - 2
Semester 8
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
Arch 481 Architectural Design Studio - VIII - 8
Arch 482 Urban Design & Planning - II - 2
Arch 483 Urban Sociology - 3
Arch 484 Architectural Research Methods - 3
Arch 485 Elective - II ( Estimation & Specification for Architects) - 2

Year 5

Semester 9
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
Arch 591 Thesis Research Project - 8
Arch 592 Professional Practice - 3
Arch 593 Elective - III (Project and Site Management) - 2
Semester 10
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
Arch 501 Thesis Design Project - 12
Arch 502 Professional Practice - 2
Arch 503 Elective - IV (Housing Community Development) - 2

Fee Structure

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Career Outlook

The Bachelor of Architecture degree opens a lot of avenues for graduates to serve in public or private sectors organizations. In addition, self-employment is another opportunity to work as a consultant in various areas of architecture. Our graduates are serving successfully in various organizations within and outside the Pakistan and enjoying good repute in terms of applying architectural knowledge, professional skills, critical thinking, and integrated approach in solving complex architectural problems. Architecture is a very rewarding and paying profession. If you have a creative thinking and want to contribute in built environment at a local and global level, then the architectural program of the USA will give you the opportunity to explore and prepare yourself for architectural world and become a professional architect to bring viable solutions for societal benefits.


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