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The Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree is designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills, while building competence in a particular area of business. The degree is a unique, professionally-oriented program that has been designed    to provide strong foundation to students in finance, accounting, and taxation. The program aims to equip students with the knowledge and competence in the field of both business and commerce.

Marks Required : 50%

Credit Hours : 132

Duration : 4 Years

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Campus Name Scholarship Percentage
DHA Campus N/A
Cantt Campus 55%
Gulberg Campus 75%
Raiwind Rd Campus 75%


Semester 1

Sr. Course Title
1. English-I
2. Accounting-I
3. Micro-Economics
4. Introduction to Computer
5. Business Mathematics
6. Introduction to Business

Semester 2

Sr. Course Title
1. Principles of Marketing
2. Macro-Economics
3. English-II
4. Principles of Management
5. Business Statistics
6. Business Law

Semester 3

Sr. Course Title
1. Pakistan Studies
2. English-III
3. Business Finance
4. Marketing Management
5. Human Resource Management
6. Accounting-II

Semester 4

Sr. Course Title
1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
2. Economics of Pakistan
3. Business Taxation
4. Islamic Studies
5. Auditing
6. Cost Accounting

Semester 5

Sr. Course Title
1. Governance System of Pakistan
2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
3. Financial Management
4. Operations Management
5. Specialization Elective 1

Semester 6

Sr. Course Title
1. Project Management
2. Contemporary Media Technologies in Marketing
3. Entrepreneurial Finance
4. Sustainable Development
5. Specialization Elective 2

Semester 7

Sr. Course Title
1. Management Information Systems and Spreadsheet Modeling
2. Business Research Methods
3. Web Development
4. International Business
5. Specialization Elective 3

Semester 8

Sr. Course Title
1. Business Strategy And Policy
2. Insurance Framework In Pakistan
3. International Relations
4. Specialization Elective 4
5. Internship or Final Year Project

Specialization in Business Analytics

Sr. Course Title
1. Managing Big Data
2. Cases for Solving Organizational Problems
3. Data Mining for Value Enhancement
4. Optimization Methods in Business Analytics