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Robotics Club


Vision To be the number one robotics club at University level in the country. Mission To enhance our understanding of robotics, get students involved in robotics and turning ideas into reality by bringing together interested students and providing them with the resources and support needed. Activities Organizes various workshops and competitions for its members, hold monthly general meetings for all of our members to discuss our current goals and ambitions, as well as robotics in the general community, fundraising.

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Video Production Club


Vision To raise the quality of student produced videos. Mission By training and access to experts, we will refine the quality of videos produced by our students and bring together those interested in video production together for creative projects, to showcase the talent of students to outsider! Activities To conduct ad making competition, to hold documentary competition, fundraising, movie nights, seminars by experts, networking opportunities.

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Photography Society


Vision To bring together people who love photography. Mission To improve students’ confidence in using cameras, and create a diverse network of like-minded individuals on campus who want to improve their photographic abilities. We are passionate about teaching the basic principles of photographic lighting and other aspects of photography to those interested with no experience. Activities Diverse set of workshops, covering university events, trips and social events aimed to entertain, seminars about styles and types of photography.

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Entrepreneurial Society


Vision To be the leading entrepreneurial society in the country and promote entrepreneurial thinking. Mission To create awareness, train and refine student’s entrepreneurial thinking and engage with the community to showcase the talent of students on campus. Activities Mentoring sessions, networking sessions, Seminars with experienced speakers, conducting annual Entrepreneurship Week, hosting entrepreneurship exhibition, participating in other University’s entrepreneurship competitions and bringing glory to USA by excelling.

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Debating Society


Vision This society will promote the British Parliamentary style of collegiate debating in the University of South Asia. Mission To raise awareness about British Parliamentary style of collegiate debating within the University, to recruit trained debaters and enhance their skills via training and practice, and to bring glory to the University by excelling in competitions. Activities Training interested debaters at excelling in Parliamentary style of collegiate debating, Conducting tournaments on campus, participating in other University’s tournaments and representing USA in the best manner upholding its core values in all discussions.

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Dramatics Society


Vision USA Dramatics Society aims to make drama at USA accessible to everyone interested and to thrill the audience with each performance. Mission To enhance student’s creative expression using drama and to raise awareness about important themes of society in a theatrical presentation. Activities   Conducting drama festival annually, fundraising, preparing plays for pertinent days celebrated in Pakistan: Independence Day, Pakistan Defense Day, etc. and organizing seminars and workshops to develop student’s creative expression and enhance their performances.

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Character Building Society


Vision The Character Building Society of University of South Asia aims to inculcate amongst students responsibility of being an active citizen. Mission The society will conduct awareness campaigns to inculcate USA core values amongst students and to develop a student body that understands its responsibility to society and have a community approach. Activities Seminars to raise awareness about human rights, ethical behavior and USA core values, Poster making competition, speech competition, plays to depict the themes of human rights, essay writing competition, conduct anti-corruption week annually.

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Blood Donation Society


Vision USA Blood Donation Club will be recognized for saving and improving lives in our community with safe and reliable blood donations. Mission To provide reliable supply of the safest possible blood, maintain donor database, and to support those in need with integrity. Activities Raising awareness about donating blood safely. Running blood donation drive within the university with professional handlers to collect blood.

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Art and Design Club


Vision To be the leading club in art, architecture and design where students can express their creativity freely. Mission To engage with people interest in arts and design to create art projects, discuss new ideas and discoveries, share work, and take trips to interesting museums and sits. Activities Trips to museums and exhibits, Inviting artists and designers to speak to students, fundraising, holding art competitions, having poster making competition.

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Gaming Society


Vision As E-gaming itself is becoming an industry, We strive to achieve exceptional Excellence through it. Our vision is to create such players and teams that can represent USA on different national & international Platforms so that it can give a positive glimpse of USA`s excellence in every field. Mission Our mission is to develop the sense and trend of E-gaming in all the students & Provide them Responsible Entertainment with a positive impact on society & university.

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