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Inauguration of Transport System


The worthy Vice Chancellor Mian Imran Masood and Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Akram Ch. inaugurated the transportation system by cutting of ribbon on 26.03.2019. The Director Academics, teachers and students of University of South Asia, Raiwind Road Campus were present in the ceremony. The students congratulated and paid thanks to the management of University of South Asia on providing the long awaited facility of transport.

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Khabarzar Show


Students of University of South Asia Raiwind road campus visited app news studio on 09.April.2019 to attend Khabarzar show hosted by Aftab iqbal. Under the supervision of respected HOD Electrical Department Sir Ali Aizaz, Faculy member of civil Engineering Dept' Sir Hassan Ali, Assistant manager students affair Miss Shehreen hassan and Admissions and Events incharge Miss Zunaira Masood. Great exposure to students about live talk-show the humor was great, students enjoyed alot.

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Khanpur Dam


A one-day recreational visit of Students of USA Raiwind Road Campus for Khanpur Dam & Monal Islamabad was organized. The students under the supervision of their teachers enjoyed through various activities like cliff diving, boating and paragliding. Hopefully, this tour will be very useful for both faculty and students as a part of their academic as well as professional excellence

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Fikar e akhrat


Event Management Society (EMS) USA Raiwind Road Campus has organized an event entitled “Fikr e Aakhrat” at the campus. Our great national hero Mr. Saqlain Mushtaq (Ex Crickter) was the guest speaker. The worthy Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Akram Ch., Director Academics and other senior faculty members welcomed the Honorable guests. Moreover, the Pro-Vice Chancellor gave welcome note and at the end he presented shields to Mr. Saqlain Mushtaq and his fellow guests. Faculty members, staff and students attended the seminar with full intention....

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Islam and our life


USA's Event Management Society (EMS) organized a guest speaker session on "Islam & our Life" for alumni & current students, especially freshmen on 17th Oct,18. The event began with recitation of Holy Quran by an EMS student member. Famous super star cricketer, also an Islamic Scholar, Inzamam-Ul-Haq enlightened the audience on correlation of Islam with daily life. Director Campus expressed his gratitude to the guest of honor for sparing his valuable time. The event culminated with presentation of souvenirs to worthy guests and event organizers by Director Campus, Patron EMS and Faculty members.

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How to Improve Presentation skills


Presentation skills can be defined as an interpersonal stash that empowers a person to communicate with the audience, transmit the message with clarity, draw the attention and comprehend the attitudes of the audience. These abilities refine the manner in which you set forward your messages and enhance your skills. The impactful communication skills is a profitable fundamental ability that will help you in further education and in your future prospects. Good presentation skills require effort and diligent work. To improve your presentation you must:- Research the Audience before Presenting:- This will empower you to more likely comprehend the attributes of the group of audience. You would then be able to develop your messages that can be better comprehended by your intended target audience. For example, if there should be an occurrence of an expository crowd, you can include more statistical data points in your introduction. Structure your Presentation Effectively: The most ideal approach to do is to start telling the audience, in the presentation, that what you are going to display or present. Pursue this by displaying your idea, and complete your presentation by repeating the main points. Speak at a good pace:-  Speaking at a pace where the audience can understand you is so important when you deliver a presentation. Keeping an ideal pace gives time to the audience members to understand the content of your presentation. A good presenter should not speak too quickly, because the audience needs time to understand the content that you are trying to say. Practice, Practice & Practice:- Rehearse yet don't go for cramming your presentation. Practices lessen your tension and empower you to look confident on the presentation day. Ensure you practice in a loud voice, as it empowers you to recognize and eliminate errors more effectively. Try not to remember anything as it will make your presentation [...]

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The Importance of CRM in Education Sector


Customer Relationship Management is turning into an unquestionable requirement for education sector hoping to modernize and streamline their recruitment process of students. The basic aim of using the CRM is to increase the customer satisfaction and expand the income of business. CRM for the education sector empowers organizations to stay up to date by encouraging and following each communication the University has with them crosswise over various stages.  This system is designed to help the management by simplifying their workflow and to improve the relationships with the students and Staff. The latest CRM platforms help the education sector to enhance their productivity. The major and important benefits of using CRM in the education institutes is that it helps the institute to become a high competitor in education sector in the market place. By implementing the CRM it identifies the different trends and that trends becomes the feedback for the departments and it helps to analyze the trends for further decision taking stages. CRM is very common in foreign countries educational institutes such as Australian National University, University of Toronto Canada but CRM is very rare in Pakistan educational institutes. It is a serious challenge for educational Institutes of Pakistan to implement the CRM systems. In Pakistan CRM system can be implemented in Higher Education Institutes to improve the performance by coordinating with people, technology and the process. CRM can be implemented in institutes of Pakistan to increase the satisfaction of students and management. New methodologies and concepts must be implemented by using the CRM system. For this purpose, educational institutes must arrange the different training programs which will help the students and the management for the execution of CRM, which will definitely increase the market share and the focus of the customers to the institutes. By executing the CRM in Higher education Institutes of Pakistan will [...]

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Latest Trends in Higher Education


“Let us never be betrayed into saying we have finished our education; because that would mean we had stopped growing.” Julia H. Gulliver Whenever you are reading an article and listening to someone using amazing vocabulary and providing you realistic facts about a sector, definitely results in improved knowledge. High education is part and parcel of that process. Every adult look forward to attaining higher education. With the evolving trends every day, High education trends are also changing. People almost decade back had never heard of the term distance learning/ online learning. As educational institutes, schools, colleges, universities, libraries and motivational talks were the only source of education. With the availability of internet around the globe, educational trends are evolving over time. Distance learning is almost the same as traditional self-study process, the only difference is either the learning materials and resources are sent to students in the form of email or they have been uploaded on the online portals. Teachers mostly interacts with students only when they are submitting the assignments or when they have been assigned any other task. They complete their set task according to the given schedule. Flexible timing has also made it easier for students to attend the classes and cover their courses along with their families. They can also manage their career as well. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Previously, everybody was busy in getting a degree. They were focused on having a good name attached to their resume. They were not as focused on adding more and more skills. But now students are moving towards skills as internet have made it easier for every student to earn remotely around the globe with the help of their unique skills and their experience in different sectors. Students are attaining this knowledge in the form of additional certifications and diplomas [...]

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Marketing Always Change with Time but Sales Stays the Same


“Marketing always change with time but sales stays the same.” Above mentioned statement maybe refuted by many scholars and industry professionals but through my research and experience, I have come over this conclusion that Marketing falls under the umbrella of sales and to increase sales, marketing is used as a tool for it. Now the first question, that how sales is a bigger domain then marketing? Whenever a business is started, the primary purpose of that business is to sell and grow. So very evidently selling is the most basic and first aim of any business. Now, how to sell that product? In the selling process the first step is to do the marketing of that product. Even though selling do not occur as a first thing in selling process but its marketing. This is because, to sell anything you have to convey the product specifications and benefits first and then there will come a chance that your prospect is going to buy the product and actual sales will occur This is because. Without conveying product specification or without giving product information no one will feel the need to buy that product. Marketing specifically arouses a need in customers related to that product through product specifications and benefits, and when that  is aroused or manipulated then the customer will move by himself and start the buying process, which from the other end is called selling process. Now, as the first part of selling process has been executed, that is conveying message through marketing, second step comes of selling in which sales people will be involved not marketing people. The job of sales people will be to turn those people into actual customers who become potential customer through marketing. Basically marketing is complimenting sales, and sales covers marketing. Success of marketing can only be gauged by sales [...]

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Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Education


Disruption is the procedure whereby a little organization with a couple of assets effectively challenges a bigger setup officeholder business or imagines completely new markets. Once some time ago individuals used to get CDs, and DVDs for their amusement yet since the appearance of YouTube and other video sharing platforms, we don't utilize them these days as these assets are accessible to us only a tick away. In addition, social media, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have changed the entire worldview of communication, organizations’ business and advertising trends. There's no denying that, as far back as social networks and social media cleared a path into our lives, everything is extraordinary. Starting with the manner in which we socialize, cooperate, and plan for gatherings or even how frequently we go out. We won't go into a discussion with respect to the moral parts of the manner in which Social Media is affecting our lives. Rather, we will concentrate on the various manners by which social media is changing the manner in which the education framework works. Social media: reshaping the paradigms Beginning from elementary school up until university graduation, social media has the job to engage guardians, students, parents, and teachers to utilize better approaches for sharing data and fabricate a network. Measurements demonstrate that 96% of the students that have active internet are utilizing their time somewhere around one social system. The considerably progressively exceptional is that, despite the fact that a portion of the students utilizes the social networks for engaging and different purposes, there are a lot of them which use it to advance in positive and helpful exercises. It's a matter of practicability, truly, on the grounds that it bodes well to utilize the online universe to share stories with your students since they're now online more often. You just need to [...]

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