The moment an identity is formed and can be differentiated from the other, you know a Brand is born!

The journey of a brand starts within the margins of its very own distinguished set of traits. You seed in all the characteristics that you want to reflect ultimately. As Ms. Tosheeba Sarwar highlights the importance of self branding in our lives, she describes her journey of branding began 25 years ago after reading a book on Marketing Management by Philip Kotler, who greatly describes as her inspiration.

Ms. Sarwar articulates personal branding with great passion that you as a brand is a collection of all the traits that you choose for yourself. You decorate yourself with the labels you wanted to be associated with and everything you choose to associate with yourself becomes a part of your persona and eventually your brand. Good or bad, it becomes your identity and after a lot of years when a unique product is formed you look back at all the experiences and all the attributes that contributed towards making that one identity that lasts !

They say perception is stronger than reality. When you walk out of your comfort zone it’s the perception that you have to do deal hence it’s the perception that you have to build and maintain. The perception of how you want others to view your brand and identify you with characteristics that you want yourself to be labelled with.

Every brand has positives and negatives. But it has to be aligned with its ultimate goal. Eventually if you want to project  yourself as an upright bright individual you will have to jump start the positives and instant cleanup of the negatives. In our to constantly outperform and surpass the stands of mediocrity, we need to go through a continuous process of unlearning the downbeat and re-learn the upbeat ! With such competition and advancement, success is our only choice.

Develop a reliability and consistency about yourself. Be one with the choices you make in your life that you want to own forever. When people like you they listen to you but when they trust you they start working with you !

So, pick and choose the traits your want to associate with yourself, use them to your advantage, work on your brand and become the version of yourself that you want to own all your life.

By Yasmin Butt, Manager Career Counseling & Placement Center