Welcome to the Faculty of Computer Sciences at University of South Asia. Our faculty offers a practical orientation to computer sciences; cutting- edge research; best facilities; qualified faculty; and an active student population. We enjoy teaching and research in software engineering, networks and security, artificial intelligence, distributed systems, mobile applications, computer vision, big data, and human-computer interactions. We invite you to become actively involved in our community.

Jul 12, 2017

As members of a department at one of the premier universities of computer sciences in the country, address the most important challenges facing society today. From harnessing the power of big data, to understanding the role of social media, discover advances in computer sciences today that will change the world tomorrow.

Led by a qualified faculty, our flexible track-based curriculum allows students to select specific coursework to meet individual student needs while preparing graduates for careers in any area of computer sciences. In addition, industry projects, internships and networking opportunities allow students to gain real world experience before graduation. At USA you join hands with qualified faculty, students and team to actively participate in this modern age revolution. Are you ready to think Big? To learn more about our faculty and programs, please explore our visit ,contact us, or visit our head office.