Bachelor of Media Studies (Raiwind Campus)

About Program

The BS (Hons.) in Media Studies Program is designed for those aspiring to work within the media and mass communication fields to equip them with the practical experience, digital and transferable skills they need for their careers. With its mix of theoretical, and sector-based knowledge and skills development, our program provides students with a critical grounding, conceptual understanding, practical experience, applied knowledge, real-world insights, and the opportunity to not only understand but to reimagine the future of the global media industries. BS (Hons.) in Media Studies Program enables the students to be creative, to express, and articulate important stories while following their passions, leading to versatile careers.

Tentative Program Road Map

List of Courses - Bachelor of Media Studies (Raiwind Campus)

Semester 1
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Web Design and Development 2-1
2 Digital Marketing 2-1
3 Creative Design Suite 2-1
4 Content Creation and Presentation 3-0
5 National and International Affairs 3
6 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
Semester 2
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Mass Media in Pakistan 3
2 News Writing and Reporting English/Urdu 3
3 Pakistan Studies 2
4 National and International Affairs 3
5 Writing and Presentation Skills 3
Semester 3
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Broadcast Media TV/Radio 3
2 News Editing and Page Design 3
3 Media Laws and Ethics 3
4 Personal Management and Communication Skills 3
5 Writing and Presentation Skills 3
6 Mathematics & Statistics 3
Semester 4
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Contemporary World Media 3
2 Feature, Column & Editorial Writing 3
3 Online Journalism 3
4 Sociology 3
5 Conflict and Peace Journalism 3
6 Political Science 3
Semester 5
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Theories of Mass Communication 3
2 Journalistic Languages 3
3 International Communication 3
4 Media Seminar 3
5 Research Methods I 3
6 Documentary and Short Film Production 3
Semester 6
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Development Communication/DSC 3
2 Research Methods II 3
3 Media Management 3
4 Gender and Media 3
5 Organizational Behaviour 3
6 Media Literacy 3
Semester 7
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Public Relations 3
2 Photo Journalism 3
3 Video Editing 3
4 Elective-I 3
5 Elective-II 3
6 Internship 3
Semester 8
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Advertising 3
2 Investigative Reporting 3
3 Research Paper/Project 3
4 Elective-III 3
5 Elective-IV 3

Program Learning Outcomes

The basic objective of this program is to teach students to make media products that can entertain, inform, and challenge.

They explore, develop, and communicate ideas through the development of their skills in the use of media technology.

In the process, they use language, symbols, and structures to create meaning. In reflecting on their own and others’ products, students develop their production skills.

The department emphasizes creativity, visualization, critical thinking and intellectual risk taking.

To produce graduates with both academic knowledge and professional skills for integrated media.

To provide students with strong theoretical and conceptual understanding of the field of mass communication.

To improve written, oral, and broadcasting skills of the students.

To enable students to conduct research related to communication, i.e. journalism and mass communication.

To enhance professional and ethical values related to the media studies.

To develop your skills in professional facilities, including a television, radio studios, broadcast newsrooms, digital newsrooms, editing and production newsrooms.

Career Outcomes

Jobs Titles

Advertising Media Buyer


Media researcher

Broadcast journalist


Social Media Manager

Television/Film producer

PR consultant

Web content manager


Political Adviser

Editorial Assistant

Digital Marketer

Media Planner

Media Researcher

Program Details

Study Level
Bachelor Degree Programs
Study Mode
Program Duration
4 Years (8 Semesters)
Admission Intake
Fall & Spring
Credit Hours

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate or equivalent qualification

Note: Students awaiting Inter part II results shall apply on the basis of Inter part I

Offered Campuses

Raiwind Road Campus

Learning & Assessments

How you will learn:

How you will be assessed:

Online Learning Support

Online teaching is a special feature of University of South Asia. Every lecture with supporting quiz, assignments and test banks are available on the student portal to ensure quality and continuity of education in case of any eventuality like University closure or emergency situations faced by students.

Students are encouraged to come to class after watching online lectures for active participation.

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