BS Aviation Management

About Program

The BS aviation management is a combination of Aviation Sciences & Management courses. This degree gives the fundamental knowledge of the aviation industry to new undergraduates students. This program holds a worth not only in Pakistan but spans around the globe. Is there its need in aviation industry? The Bachelors of Science degree 2022 in Aviation Management is a four-year HEC Approved designed program for students pursuing to lead and succeed in the world of aviation. University of South Asia jointly working with Air Safari Aviation for aviation courses or licenses. Students gain insight into how airlines and airports operate and to prepare them for management roles in the aviation industry particularly in Gulf areas or overseas. This degree will help you to advance your career in aviation management and thrive in the constantly changing aviation environment. In the bachelor degree program of Aviation Management you learn about the special characteristics of the aviation industry’s global networks, managerial challenges and mechanism-based business management skills. The program explores all façades of aviation management, including airport design and development, flight operation management, aviation career development, air traffic management, aviation security, global airline management human factor in aviation, human resource in management, aviation strategy and policy, aviation safety management, aviation security and global aviation business strategies. This approach in aviation education gives the student a value addition over other aviation programs by focusing on the skills and knowledge required for today’s fast growing aviation industry. In this program, students learn how to organize airport and how an airline is run successfully, learn special characteristics of aviation industry’s global network and innovative skill also, how airlines and airports collaborate with their partners in order to get passengers satisfaction and for their safety and security.

Program Learning Outcomes

• Demonstrate critical thinking, research, and Communication skills as applied to the public and private sectors. • Explain the cross-cultural context of public and private institutions operating in a global environment. • Manage diversity issues within an organizational framework. • Identify major issues in today’s public and private institutions. • Demonstrate the integrative knowledge, skills, and ethics necessary for responsible administrative, management and leadership positions. • Demonstrate the management, legal, ethical, and behavioral skills for effective job performance and career mobility. • The ability to understand that public policies shape, and are shaped by, the institutional, legal, political and economic contexts in which they occur. • The ability to critique and formulate public policies by collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative information. • The ability to identify factors that influence the political support for a policy and that help or hinder its successful implementation. • An expertise in a chosen field of public policy that is developed by taking at least three courses in that policy field.

Career Outcomes

Jobs Titles

• Airline or Airport administration jobs • Flight operation • Pilots • Cargo

Program Details

Study Level
Bachelor Degree Programs
Study Mode
Program Duration
4 Years (8 Semesters)
Admission Intake
Fall & Spring
Credit Hours

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate or equivalent qualification

Note: Students awaiting Inter part II results shall apply on the basis of Inter part I

Fee Structure

Effective 2022-23 Morning Evening Weekend Online
Admission Fee (One Time) 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000
Monthly 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000
Semester 150,000 120,000 90,000 60,000
Anually 300,000 240,000 180,000 120,000
30% WBS 105,000 84,000 63,000 42,000
45% WBS 82,500 66,000 49,500 33,000
60% WBS N/A for Morning 48,000 36,000 24,000
75% WBS N/A for Morning 30,000 22,500 15,000
90% WBS N/A for Morning 12,000 9,000 6,000

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

All scholarship and financial assistance percentages are applicable only on tuition fee voucher.

Work Based Scholarship

(10 Hours a Week)
30% Scholarship
Work for 10 hours a week and qualify for 30% fee assistance.

Work Based Scholarship

(15 Hours a Week)
45% Scholarship
Work for 15 hours a week and qualify for 45% fee assistance.

Work Based Scholarship

(20 Hours a Week)
60% Scholarship
Work for 20 hours a week and qualify for 60% fee assistance.

Work Based Scholarship

(25 Hours a Week)
75% Scholarship
Work for 25 hours a week and qualify for 75% fee assistance.

Work Based Scholarship

(30 Hours a Week)
90% Scholarship
Work for 30 hours a week and qualify for 90% fee assistance.

Note: This scholarship will be offered after Declaration of Inter Part II Results.

Offered Campuses

Raiwind Road Campus
Cantt Campus

Learning & Assessments

How you will learn:

How you will be assessed:

Online Learning Support

Online teaching is a special feature of University of South Asia. Every lecture with supporting quiz, assignments and test banks are available on the student portal to ensure quality and continuity of education in case of any eventuality like University closure or emergency situations faced by students.

Students are encouraged to come to class after watching online lectures for active participation.

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