Bachelor in Building and Construction

About Program

The construction activities have very important role in economic growth of any country. In this context, Pakistan has recently declared construction sector as an industry which will give new dimension to BBAC program at USA. Definitely, program will get more attention to meet the emerging requirements. The program aims to produce graduates to serve in building industry at local and global level with the knowledge of building construction, professional skills and managing the process of building from initial to final stage. Bachelor of Building and Construction (BBAC) is a four years’ degree program, approved by higher education commission of Pakistan. The program has 137 credit hours in eight semesters with a final year project (FYP) on complex problem related to building construction.

Tentative Program Road Map

List of Courses - Bachelor in Building and Construction

Semester 1
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Building Materials & Construction-I 3
2 History of Building Technology-I 3
3 Web Design and Development 2-1
4 Digital Marketing 2-1
5 Creative Design Suite 2-1
6 Content Creation and Presentation 3-0
Semester 2
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Architectural Design-I 3
2 Design Softwares-I (Autodesk-AutoCAD) 3
3 Graphics and Model Making-II 3
4 Building Materials & Construction-II 3
5 Surveying & Levelling 3
6 Pak. Studies/Islamiyat-II 2
Semester 3
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Architectural 6 courses Design-II 3
2 Design Software-II (Autodesk Revit) 3
3 History of Building Technology-II 3
4 Strength of Materials 3
5 Construction Drawings 3
6 Applied Mathematics-II 3
Semester 4
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Architectural Design-III 3
2 Design Software-III (3-D Studio Max/Adobe photoshop) 3
3 Building Materials & Construction-III 3
4 Theory of Structures 3
5 Estimation & Specifications-I 3
6 Thermal Comfort 3
Semester 5
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Architectural Design-IV 3
2 Interior Design & Decoration 3
3 Estimation & Specifications-II 3
4 HVAC design system in buildings 3
5 Design of RCC Structures-I 3
6 Soil Mechanics 3
Semester 6
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Water Supply & Sanitation Systems for Buildings 3
2 Construction Project Management 3
3 Electrical Design Systems in Building 3
4 Design of RCC Structures-II 3
5 Energy Efficiency and Management 3
6 Landscape & Environment 3
Semester 7
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Final Year Project-I 3
2 Integrated Building Design 3
3 Emerging Construction Technologies 3
4 Architectural Research Methods 3
5 Building Engineering Economics 3
Semester 8
Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Final Year Project-II 3
2 Professional Practice and Contract Management 3
3 Advance Construction Project Management 3
4 Architectural Report Writing 3

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are graduate attributes which they are supposed to display in final year project (FYP) at a minimum acceptable level. These are also mapped with course learning outcomes.

Career Outcomes

Jobs Titles

The graduates of BBAC can work in a variety of areas which includes design of building systems, building construction, supervision of small to large scale building, construction management, estimation, material procurement, construction contracts, operation of building, building safety etc. In the recent past the promotion of construction sector in Pakistan and declaring it as an industry will increase more job opportunities for graduates and resultantly this program will get more attention in coming years.

Program Details

Study Level
Bachelor Degree Programs
Study Mode
Program Duration
4 Years (8 Semesters)
Admission Intake
Fall & Spring
Credit Hours

Eligibility Criteria

Inter or equivalent qualification

Note: Students awaiting Inter part II results shall apply on the basis of Inter part I

Offered Campuses

Barki Campus
Cantt Campus

Learning & Assessments

How you will learn:

How you will be assessed:

Online Learning Support

Online teaching is a special feature of University of South Asia. Every lecture with supporting quiz, assignments and test banks are available on the student portal to ensure quality and continuity of education in case of any eventuality like University closure or emergency situations faced by students.

Students are encouraged to come to class after watching online lectures for active participation.

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