University of South Asia is quiet rich in its history, the divine and welcoming campus environment has proficient faculty along with a very staunch management, yearning to transform your learning experience into a gratifying activity.

“Work Smart and Reach High” is the primary statement on which University of South Asia was established in 1988 a computer training institution with the name of National College of Computer Sciences (NCCS).

NCCS were the pioneers in providing a skillful study of computer sciences, all over Punjab. NCCS was not only an educational institute rather it provided the training and skills for its students .So they could have a promising future ahead with a dynamic career to achieve the desired life, pledging 100% employment to our graduating students.

Our numerous scholarly and erudite alumni have been heading world renowned multinational companies and aiding those companies with their skilled comprehension of whatsoever they have gained from NCCS.

More than 100,000 students endured detailed training programs in the contemporary field of Computer Sciences that has already become a vital part of our lives and is destined to become one of the most notable of all fields in the progressing days.

University of South Asia was accorded a degree awarding prestige in 2003 and was upgraded to the rank of “Autonomous Chartered University” in 2005. Since its commencement, USA has expanded to include Management Science, Accounting, Commerce, Engineering, Pharmacy, Fashion, Law, Architecture, Teaching, Social Sciences, Media Studies and Computer Sciences to the list of its regulations.

USA has developed an Entrepreneurship program in which students are provided practical training along with academic learning. USA intends to give its students a concept of group working, aiding them with complete awareness of the concept of KSA (Knowledge, skills and abilities). The knowledge of this program enables you to have a strong hold on your field and gives you an insight of the corporate world, which later helps you in attaining your desired career.

Students after graduation can also set up their own businesses or help financier’s set up new projects thereby creating new jobs in Pakistan.

USA is determined to bring advancement in each and every aspect of human learning. They have inaugurated a faculty within themselves and work with amity among each other, while still maintain their individual identity.

By Nayab Naveed