This seminar was conducted on March 09, 2016, to educate students on facts about our growing retail sector, Which is expanding at the rate of 20% every year.

Usman is a renowned figure in industry with rich and diversified experience for more than 24 years with Global multinationals like Alcatel, Shell, Volvo and Makro. He has over 10 years experience at senior management level at Director and C level positions.

In Retail he has solid experience spreading from Convenience stores to Cash and Carry model, and was instrumental in signing and bringing International brands in Pakistan like Noodle House and Pappa Roti.

He decided to pursue his dream of starting his own Retail Company ‘Retail Galaxy’. He is the brand owner of ‘Sweet Moments’, a café. He is also a Consultant to many International Food and Retail brands.

Usman has to his credit many International trainings and seminars, and has helped many organizations in the field of Marketing, Brand Positioning, Sales Management, Retail Management, Product extension and diversification , and Development of Annual Business Plan.

Usman is an Ex –Chairman to Training Forum, a visiting faculty for many renowned educational institutes, he has played an instrumental role in organizing the First International HR Conference in Lahore.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Pakistan is the 26th Largest Economy which falls in N11 and UN’s list of growing countries with the 6th largest population on the planet of which 65% are young people.
  • Pakistan’s retail market of $60 Billion foresees a $ One Billion online e-commerce business in next 4 years.
  • Total Pakistani Economy is $ 435 Billion ( Rs.43.5 Trillion)
  • N11 is Pakistan, Bangladesh,Iran,Turkey,Indonesia,Eygpt,Philipino,

o    South Korea, Vietnam and Nigeria.

o    Pakistan is the 4th fastest growing BroadBand market with 7th largest mobile population of approx 130 million mobile phone users.

o    Retail Sector is 12% of $435 Billion documented  + $150billion undocumented Economy. Whereas Service Sector is 40% of $435B and Agriculture sector, 30% and Industrial sector, 18% LSM Large scale manufacturing.

  • Students and teachers will be able to appreciate and understand the holistic view of how the Retail Sector operates.
  • Total Retail sector. Growth rate is averaging 20% per year, Rs.1400 Billion remittances come to Pakistan through overseas Pakistani’s and this is the fuel for our retail market.
  • The total tax collection was Rs 3600 billion approximately.
  • Worldwide documented Retail market turnover is

o    $22 Trillion (Rs.2200 Trillion). 9% of this is carried out  online.

o    Total E-Tailing is currently $ 2 Trillion and it is expected that the online retail will beef up to $3.5 Trillion by 2019.

o    Internet Traffic is maximum on Saturday, 3% conversion rate of people actually buying online, then come Thrusday-Friday with 1.5% conversion.

o    Lowest traffic on Sunday-Wednesday and conversion rate on and internet online E commerce sites in Pakistan.

o    Proper E Commerce planning is required and Eid season , wedding season, and other main occasions should be well planned for activities like black Friday , Valentines day , thanks giving Ester etc.

Usman Sakrani

CEO, Retail Galaxy