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Civil Engineering LAB at USA

1. Surveying Lab
To impart knowledge to students regards surveying techniques. Students are taught to perform leveling, topographic survey and laying horizontal and vertical angle.
2. Strength of Material Lab
Compression, tension, and bending test are carried out on different materials like steel, wood, and concrete.
3. Concrete and Materials Lab
Various concrete tests such as workability, compressive strength, slump test, design mix ratio etc. are performed. State of the art equipment is available in this lab.
4. Fluid mechanics lab
Modern equipment is available related to basic fluid mechanics, pipe flow, and channel flow and engineering hydrology.
5. Hydraulics Lab
For understanding the basic characteristics of flow in channels, over weirs and in flumes. To study the basics of hydraulic jump and water turbines and pumps are available to impart knowledge to students.
6. Engineering Mechanics Lab
Test are carried out related to fundamental principal of engineering mechanics such as resolution of vector, centre of gravity of irregular shapes, friction, principal of moments.
7. Transportation Engineering Lab
This lab caters to various test regarding highway construction and pavement design. Marshal stability test, Ductility test and California bearing ratio tests etc. are performed in this lab.
8. Geotechnical Engineering Lab
Test related to various soil engineering properties are performed in this lab e.g. compaction, shear strength, consolidation, and permeability.
9. Environmental engineering lab
Various test regarding water quality and waste water are performed in this lab.
10. Engineering Geology Lab
In this lab identification of various rocks and mineral are taught. Student are learned to classify rocks on the basis of their engineering properties.

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