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A master’s degree in interior design is a post graduate degree program that teaches students interior design; the art of changing the living workspace into a more effective setting, for everyday use. The difference between interior designing and interior decorating is that interior designing plans the functionality and the usability of the available space while the interior decorating seeks to make the setting look appealing without as much regard to planning and the usability of the setting. Interior designing also deals with aspects such as lighting, acoustics and temperature.

Graduates of a master’s program in Interior Design can exercise their skills both in third sector businesses as well as in private sector as the vocation is on high demand in both business and by homeowners. Interior designers can become licensed practitioners after they complete the master’s program and can often work in consultancy as consultants.


1st Semester
Code Course Title CH Pre-req
Approaches Of Research 3
Marketing and Brand Management 3
Consumer Behavior 3
Professional Digital Applications 3
Thesis 6
2nd Semester
Code Course Title CH Pre-req
Environmental Behavior and Sustainability 3
Spatial Visualization 3
Furniture and Furnishings 3
Interior Design Applications 3

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