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Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) is 5-year under graduate program approved by the Board of Advanced Studies and endorsed by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), equivalent to 17 years of education. A fair amount of course work is completed by carrying out hands-on training on real patients in Physiotherapy department of the hospitals and clinics that are part of the University’s network. The degree is focused on the future needs of the Physiotherapy profession both locally and internationally. The course work is rigorous and demanding, includes the study of underlying theoretical and conceptual frameworks of academic & clinical disciplines in the field of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences

Students who believe in diversity of profession, are interested in health sciences and want to excel their career in the Physiotherapy profession should join this degree, that gives them the “Doctor” title as Prefix and “Physiotherapist” as Suffix to their names. The degree provides students with a comprehensive, integrated course in the theory and practice of physiotherapy to assess, diagnose and treat disorders of human movement and covers basic parameters of healing sciences i.e. prevention, promotion, diagnosis, rehabilitation and curative.


The program will train and promote students with skills to provide value-driven and client centred physiotherapy services that represent best practices for all individuals of all ages, enhancing the client and employer’s satisfaction.

The program will provide quality education reinforced by practical training of students, monitor their achievements by providing them regular feedback of their performance and help them to overcome the barriers to learning.

The program will expand the knowledge of students with the skills to acquire, interpret, and apply the best available evidence through establishment of evidence based practice.

The program will develop interpersonal communication skills among students enabling them to engage with clients and other healthcare professionals in order to develop and sustain collaborations and innovations that help to increase the value of physiotherapy services, reduce preventable health care costs, and overcome barriers in participation in society.

The program will foster among students, a culture of leadership so that they become role models, mentors and entrepreneurs to enhance the profession of physiotherapy, recognize health disparities, and contribute to the health of society.

The program will encourage students and faculty to participate in high quality Research and Continued Professional development education by conducting workshops and conferences and seminars, on campus and in alliance with other institutes.

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