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The four year degree programme in Bachelors in Building Architecture and Construction emphases the scientific and engineering aspects of management and construction of building .It is focused to produce professional engineers specializing in analysis, construction and operation of engineering sub-systems for building and facilities. These include structural, electrical, lighting, acoustical, plumbing, fire protection, heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems and other mechanical services.

The goal of the programme is to provide an education in fundamentals of engineering and their applications, which will help give each graduate the ability to practice as professional engineer in a variety of areas, both public and private, related to the planning, construction and operation of buildings.

The degree (BBA-C) programme is designed for students who are particularly interested in engineering aspects of building design. The educational objective of the four year degree (BBA-C) programme is to prepare the students with fundamental engineering competence in the analysis and design of building and their systems. Specifically, the student must be able to understand and apply engineering fundamentals and design principles for engineering the infrastructure of architecture – that infrastructure being structural, mechanical, electrical building systems and all the sub disciplines related to these primary designations.

As important members of building design teams, they must be able to create engineering design that will fulfill the economic, safety, stability, strength and aesthetic requirements of a project.Thus degree (BBA-C) programme must have a working ability with total building and system design concepts.

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