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Artificial Intelligence supports a very dynamic program of research and education. Our educational curriculum provides a broad range of courses including introductory AI, automated planning, cognitive modeling, commonsense reasoning, evolutionary computation, game theory, machine learning, multi-agent systems, natural language processing, and neural computation. Work in Artificial Intelligence in the USA department involves foundational research in core areas of knowledge representation, reasoning, learning, planning, decision-making, vision, robotics, speech and language processing. There are also significant efforts aimed at applying algorithmic advances to applied problems in a range of areas, including bioinformatics, networking and systems, search and information retrieval.


1st Year

1st Semester2nd Semester
CodeCourse TitleCHPre-reqCodeCourse TitleCHPre-req
CS-10001 Computer Systems and Application 3 - - - - CS-3224 Object Oriented Programming (Core) 3 Fundamental of Programming
CS-1170 Fundamental of Programming (Core) 3 - - - - ME-1013 Basic Electronics (Core) 3 Calculus and Analytical Geometry
CS-3265 Web Development 3 - - - - CS-6660 Database Management Systems (Core) 3 Computer Systems and Application
ENGL-3283 Communication Skills 3 - - - - MATH-2151 Discrete Mathematics (Core) 3 Calculus and Analytical Geometry
MTH-101 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3 - - - - MGMT-1033 Principle of Management 2 ----
Semester Credit Hours: 15 Semester Credit Hours: 15

2nd Year

3rd Semester4th Semester
CodeCourse TitleCHPre-reqCodeCourse TitleCHPre-req
CS-3053 Software Engineering (Core) 3 Fundamental of Programming WEB.303 Web Engineering 3 Fundamental of Programming
CS-2106 Data Structure (Core) 3 Fundamental of Programming and Discrete Structure CS-3343 Database Development 3 Database Management Systems
ACCT-2210 Principle of Accounting 3 - - - - CS-3345 Data Communication and Network (Core) 3 ----
CS-3130 Digital Logic & Design (Core) 3 Discrete Structure and Basic Electronics ENG-10001 Comprehension and Composition 3 ----
MA-126 Linear Algebra 3 Calculus and Analytical Geometry MKTG-3401 Principle of Marketing 3 ----
HUM-38742 Pakistan and Islamic Studies 3 ---- CS-1033 Operating System (Core) 3 Data Structure
Semester Credit Hours: 18 Semester Credit Hours: 18

3rd Year

5th Semester6th Semester
CodeCourse TitleCHPre-reqCodeCourse TitleCHPre-req
CS-4410 Machine Learning. 3 Object Oriented Programming CS-4170 Theory of Automata (Core) 3 Discrete Structure
CS-2013 Computer Architecture (Core) 3 Data Structure and Algorithms
Operating Systems
Digital Logic Design
CS 4063 Design of Intelligent Systems 3 Artificial Intelligence
ADP-534 Artificial Intelligence (Core) 3 Fundamental of Programming
Data Structure
Discrete Structure
CS-5021 Neural Networks 3 Calculas
linear algebra
discrete structures
CSMT-3010 Computer Networks 3 Data Communication and Network CSMT-3010 Human Computer Interaction (Core) 3 None
WEB 504 Semantic Web 3 Web Engineering CS-4596 Introduction to Quantum Computing 3 Operating Systems. Intro to AI
STAT-2013 Statistics and Probability 3 Calculus and Analytical Geometry CS-4596 Design of Intelligent Systems 3 Introduction to AI
Semester Credit Hours: 18 Semester Credit Hours: 18

4th Year

7th Semester8th Semester
CodeCourse TitleCHPre-reqCodeCourse TitleCHPre-req
CS-4110 Compiler Construction (Core) 3 Theory of Automata ARCH-5073 Professional Practices (Core) 3 Software Engineering
CS-3101 Design and Analysis of Algorithm (Core) 3 Fundamental of Programming
Data Structure
CS-10256 Forensic and Cyber Security (Core) 3 Computer Networks
CS-4243 Embedded Systems 3 Advance programming
operating system
CS-5253 Expert Systems 3 Introduction to AI, algorithms.
Proj-0006 Project 6 -----
Semester Credit Hours: 18 Semester Credit Hours: 12
Total Credit Hours:132

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