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The program prepares graduates for positions in several fields of Chemistry and the degree holders may obtain technical and research positions in government agencies as well as in private industries. Students are encouraged to participate in the research projects, for which they are provided with possible facilities and guidance.
4 Years
Entry Requirements:
A-Levels, FSc , ICS, or Intermediate with Maths with minimum 50% marks


The aim of the BS program in Chemistry is to provide an uplifting nurturing environment that facilitates and stimulate the active and explorative learning of Chemistry for the students. This environment encourages creative thinking and thus contributes to the continuous personal and academic growth of the students. The main objectives of chemistry curriculum are:

- The attainment of chemical knowledge and laboratory skills required for a professional chemist.
- Understanding of the principles of analytical, inorganic, organic, applied and physical chemistry.
- The development of laboratory skills leading to practical proficiency in chemical synthesis, instrumental methods, quantitative measurement, and statistical data analysis.
- The development of critical thinking and problem solving skills. The ability to apply such skills to the solution of chemical problems.
- Competence in technical writing and in the communication of scientific information. Proficiency in the use of computer technology (word processing, spreadsheet, and chemical structure drawing software and in chemical information retrieval).

Career Opportunities

Chemistry is a stepping stone to a wide variety of job opportunities. The ability of chemist to manipulate atoms and molecules into complex shapes gives chemistry an artistic aspect almost unique among the sciences. This is chemistry today; a foundation stone of modern science. While looking for a widespread and interesting career, chemistry is at the heart of all the important fields such as:

• Textile
• Paint
• Pharmaceuticals
• Dyes
• Fertilizers
• Cement Industry
• Nuclear science
• Surgery
• Dentistry
• Nanotechnology
• Genomics
• Forensics
• Petroleum & Petrochemicals
• Metallurgy
• Environmental Sciences
• Alternate energy resources
• Waste management
• Irrigation & Agriculture
• Education
• Research & Development

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