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Student Poster Competition (SPC-2016)

The Student Poster Competition (SPC-2016)’s main focus will be gathering of students from different universities to address the current technological issues and advancements in emerging technologies. For the progress of any country, the research activities must be done in close association with industries.

Dec 6, 2016

Therefore, SPC-2016 aims itself as a blend of academia and industry collaboration. Consequently, it invites Posters addressing applied and fundamental research and industrial technological solutions from academia and industry. Students are encouraged to present their poster in the following domain, but not limited to:

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

- Traffic theory for ITS
- Sensors and Big data and ITS
- Safety application and Non-safety applications for VANET
- Security and Privacy issues in VANET

Information and Cyber Security

- Cyber Forensics
- Internet Security Standards
- Cyber-Crimes and Underground economy
- Security challenges in Wireless communication
- Privacy in Big Data
- Privacy in Social Media
- Privacy in Centralized and de-centralized Systems


- Bioimage Informatics
- Structural modeling
- Computational biology
- Network and pathway analysis
- Visualization of large biological datasets

Software and Information Technology

- Information System
- Formal Methods in Software Engineering
- Mathematical Modeling and simulations
- Practices and Developments in Software Engineering

Computational Applications

- Parallel Processing
- Bio-Inspired Computing
- Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing
- Computational Finance and Economics
- Parallel and Distributed Architecture and System
- Virtual Reality, Visualization and Computing Games

Artificial Intelligence

- Neural Network
- Computer Vision
- Machine Learning
- Digital image processing
- Robotics and cybernetics
- Human computer interaction

Communication and Network

- Internet of Things
- Next Generation Network
- Network Centric Application
- Optical Network and System
- Wireless and Sensor Network
- Computer Network Applications
- Mobile Communication and Network
- Telecommunication Network and Protocols

Big Data

- Big Data Storage and Retrieval
- Foundational Models for Big Data
- Big Data Persistence and Preservation
- Task Scheduling for Big Data Processing
- Big Data Quality and Provenance Control
- Cloud Computing Techniques for Big Data

Registration Fee: Rs 1000/-
Winner Prize
First Prize: Rs 7000/-
Second Prize: Rs 5000/-
Third Prize: Rs 3000/-

Submission of Poster: 30th November 2016 ([email protected])
Conference Date: 6-7 December, 2016.
Conference Venue: 47-Tafail Road, Lahore.
Contact Person: Assistant Professor: Irshad Ahmed Sumra ([email protected])

Poster Guidelines

Poster Size : A1
Orientation : Portrait
Contents of Poster:

• Introduction
• Problem Statement
• Key Objectives
• Propose Methodology
• Conclusion

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