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Department of food and nutrition at USA approved and launched the undergraduate and graduate programs in 2012. They have established its credibility and repute. Quality of graduate nutrition students is evident from their high profile and lucrative placement.
Department of food and nutrition is proud of its high quality and experienced staff, well-equipped laboratories providing students with required exposure, on campus clinic and internship opportunities providing hands on practice preparing them for their careers. The faculty is confident that its graduate program will be a success in terms of quality and raising the standards of higher education in Pakistan.


The program will train and promote students with skills to provide value-driven and client centred food, nutrition and dietetics services that represent best practices in society, enhancing the client and employer satisfaction

The program will provide quality education to students reinforced by practical training; monitor their achievements by providing them regular feedback of their performance and help them overcome the barriers in learning.

Program will develop interpersonal communication skills of students by engaging them in community based projects for assessment of health status, provision of information regarding healthy food and improved quality of life of population.

The program will broaden the horizon of nutrition science students by transformation of their analytical skills to establish evidence based practice, application of nutrition principles to health promotion and prevention of diet-related diseases.

The program will foster among students, a culture of leadership so that they become role models, mentors and entrepreneurs to enhance the profession of food, nutrition and dietetics being able to recognize and eliminate health disparities.

To educate clients, individuals and public on food choices that optimize health and prevent diseases.

To monitor trends and issues in the discipline of nutrition and translate this information into curriculum and training programs.

To engage the Faculty members and Professionals in continued education and professional development programs by conducting workshops, conferences and seminars

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