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Economics is a fascinating subject, placed at the intersections of social science, business, and public policy. An understanding of economics principles is crucial to success in business and to the design of effective policy. Economists study how markets work to measure what is produced, how it is produced, and how income is distributed. The basic principle focused upon is usage of scarce resources most effectively. It teaches students how the world actually functions. Among the many topics studied in economics are the role and impact of international trade, the impact of monopoly on the economy, and the problems of unemployment and inflation.

Taking economics courses is a very popular choice for undergraduates studying Business Administration at the University of South Asia.

Economics courses are also taken by other majors, simply because it's an interesting field of study, highly relevant to "real world" issues. Over half of the students taking economics are not currently specialized in this field! Teaching in this department is based upon theoretical and empirical case studies.


  • To prepare students to understand and resolve global challenges through relevant, research based and engaging education.
  • To develop collaborations among departments and collaboration to develop sustainable society based on innovative thinking.
  • To develop and maintain internationally comparable research initiatives.
  • To broaden competencies of students and encourage them to become socially responsible business managers.

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