Tests and interviews for admission in ‘Fall-Semester’ start right after completion of Inter Part II exams. Admissions for Computer & Management Science Programs are confirmed same day of clearing admission test and interview. Admissions in all other programs are confirmed one week after the announcement of Inter results.

Testing for ‘Spring Semester’ starts right after Inter Part II supplementary examinations. Procedure for confirmation of admission remains same as for Fall-Semester classes.

Students are offered summer semester to pass the subjects they fail or to improve the grades. However, new admissions are not granted in the summer semester.

Admission is always granted on provisional basis. It is the responsibility of the student to get the same converted into permanent admission by completing the documentation and admission formalities such as submitting board transcripts proving that the student has passed the Intermediate exams with required marks etc.

For Engineering, Architecture, Fashion Design, DPT, Media Studies, Law and Nutrition programs, students after completing their admission requirements can reserve their seats by submitting the registration fee. For all other programs, the seats are not reserved and admissions are offered after the announcement of Inter results.

Students have to pass admission test with 60% marks and a panel Interview to be eligible for admissions at USA. For Bachelors in engineering programs students must achieve minimum of 60% marks cumulatively in the Intermediate Part I & II examinations. For all other subjects, students must achieve a minimum of 50% marks in Intermediate Part I & II exams.



Achieve 60% marks cumulatively in Intermediate Part I & II examination with Physics, Chemistry and Math or equivalent qualification besides passing their admission test and panel interview.

Biotechnology, DPT and Nutrition:

Achieve 60% marks cumulatively in Intermediate Part I & II examination with Chemistry and Biology or equivalent qualification besides passing their admission test and panel interview.


Achieve a minimum of 50% marks cumulatively in Inter Part I & II examinations or equivalent qualification besides passing their creativity test and panel interview.

Other programs:

Achieve a minimum of 50% marks cumulatively in Inter Part I & II examinations or equivalent qualification besides passing their admission test and panel interview?


For admissions in the Masters program, minimum CGPA 2.0 (out of 4.0 in the Semester System) or First Division (in the Annual System) in Bachelors degree equivalent to 16 years of schooling (130 credit hours) is required.


For admission into the PhD program, minimum CGPA 3.0 (out of 4.0 in the Semester System) or First Division (in the Annual System) in MPhil/M.S/Equivalent degree is required.

Yes. All students seeking admission at USA must take and pass USA Admission Test achieving a minimum of 60% marks.

Yes. The student must pass the University Admission Test with minimum 60% marks, and clear NTS GAT General test with minimum cumulative score of 60%.

The student must pass the University Admission Test with minimum 60% marks, and clear ETS GRE Subject Test/ NTS GAT Subject Test/ University Based Test in the area of specialization chosen at the PhD level- whichever is applicable- with 60%.

Students have to appear and pass a panel interview to be eligible for admissions at USA.

The last date for admission is second Saturday after the declaration of Intermediate Part II examinations for Fall Semester and Second Saturday after the declaration of Inter Part II Supplementary examinations for spring semester.

Students holding DAE can apply for admission in engineering program however there is a quota of 2% dedicated for such students. This means that USA can admit only 1 students holding DAE in Civil and 1 in Electrical Engineering Program. These admissions, after completion of formalities, are approved by the Vice Chancellor.

Students can move from one program to another if they qualify for admission in program they want to join within the 15 days of commencement of new classes.

Students cannot migrate into Engineering and Law programs once they have taken admission. In all other programs, migration is seamless and credits are fully transferable.

There is no transfer fee from one program to another if student transfer his/her program within 15 days of commencement of classes. After 15 days, PKR 5000 will be charged.

The program fee in which the student transfers is applicable for future payments. If the student is transferring from a low fee program to a higher fee program, the difference in the fee already paid is also due. If a student is transferring from a program of high fee to low fee, past fee paid remains unadjusted.

Students with a CGPA of 2.0 or above can seek migration from other universities in the undergraduate programs after fulfilling the admission requirements. Credit transfer is allowed only for courses in which student has achieved a grade of ‘C’ or above from transferring university. A maximum of 90 credit hours can be transferred from other universities to USA. A fee of Rs. 2,500 per course is applicable for ‘Transfer of Credits’.

Student may face situations in which they find it necessary to migrate from USA to another university. These students must submit an application for ‘Migration NOC’ at the ‘Office of Admissions and Records.’ The application must be submitted two months prior to the completion of last semester. Application is entertained after the verification from accounts office and Library. University issues a provisional transcript to such students on completion of the formalities. These students can join back by applying for admission two months prior to start of semester. A re-registration fee of Rs. 10,000 is applicable.

A semester is of 18 weeks duration or 4 months. Teaching is carried out for 16 weeks and two weeks are devoted for examinations.

Degrees awarded by all the chartered universities are recognized by the Higher Education Commissions and therefore students are eligible to seek admission in private and public sector universities both locally and abroad. Graduates of USA are currently enrolled in private and public-sector Universities in Pakistan, Malaysia, Dubai, South Korea, United States of America, Britain, Australia and many other countries. In order to gain admission abroad, meet our Placement Office that will help you in filling out your application form. It is important that if you are interested in seeking admission abroad for Master’s degree you collect a rich experience of extra-curricular activities during your time at USA, while maintaining a higher CGPA and preparing well for GMAT/ GRE etc.

Students achieving 80% or above marks are awarded ‘A’ grade, 70% to 79% are awarded ‘B’ grade, 60% to 69% marks are awarded ‘C’ grade and 50% to 59% marks are awarded ‘D’ grade. Student getting below 50% marks are awarded ‘F’ grade.

Student getting ‘F’ grade can drop the course and study some other course or can repeat the same course and earn a better grade to be included in their credits.

One hour of study every week throughout the semester i.e. a total of 16 hours of class lecturing is equivalent to one credit hour.

GPA means grade point average it is a system of evaluating a student's performance. for example, Students getting an ‘A’ grade are awarded GPA of 4, ‘B’ grade are awarded GPA of 3, ‘C’ grade are awarded GPA of 2 and ‘D’ grade are awarded a GPA of 1.

Total of all the grade points divided by credits hours is called CGPA or cumulative Grade Point Average.

You take credit hours in which you have a grade and multiply them with 4, B grade credit hours to be multiplied by 3, C grade credit hours by 2 and D grade credit hours by 1. The sum of these may then be divided with the total credit hours gives us average of all the credits and this is the CGPA.

Five courses of 3 credit Hours with A grade = 5 x 3 x 4 = 60 quality points
Six courses of 3 credit hours with B grade = 6 x 3 x 3 = 54 quality points
Three courses of 3 credit hours with C grade = 3 x 3 x 2 = 18 quality points
One course of 3 credit hours with D grade = 1 x 3 x 1 = 3 quality points
Total courses are 15, Total credit hours are 45 and Total quality points are 135
Cumulative GPA will be quality points divided by credit hours = 135 / 45 = CGPA of 3.0

For most undergraduate degrees, students study 132 to 136 credit hours in eight semesters, however for Architecture, and Doctor of Physiotherapy, students have study between 162 to 165 credit hours in 5 years.

Students seeking a graduate degree are required to complete 30 credit hours.

Students study 24 credit hours through lecturing and 6 credit hours through research followed by a dissertation and publication of article.

Candidates study 18 credit hours and pass them with a cumulative CGPA of 3.0, followed by a comprehensive examination for granting candidacy as PhD researcher. Thereafter they are given time to choose their PhD topic and are allocated a ‘Supervisor’ to supervise their research work. This supervision is limited to providing guidelines only and candidate is expected to work independently.
After the research work is completed, candidates write a Dissertation. The Dissertation must clear the plagiarism test. It is then submitted to two Ph.D. experts from advanced foreign countries for evaluation. It is the responsibility of the candidate to extract an article from the Dissertation and get it published in any one of the HEC approved Journal.
Once the Dissertation is accepted by Foreign Experts and article published, the Dissertation is submitted for open defense, by two local instructors and some students and peers. Once the candidate successfully defends the Dissertation, (s)he is awarded a PhD degree.

Fee for every program is different and is based on the expenses incurred on each program. The chart of fee for every program is available on the Website usa.edu.pk.

Students are required to pay a one-time registration fee of Rs. 25,000 besides the tuition fee.

For all local and international tours and industry visits, students are required to pay the actual cost incurred that is collected by the tour organizing committee.

Students study two semesters each year for which they pay annual fee in two installments once at the time of admission and second time by December. Thereafter, students deposit fee by May and December.

Fine of Rs.50 per day is charged for first 15 days and Rs.5000 charged after15 days. Names of students not paying their dues by end of 30 days past the due date are strike off the rolls. These students have to pay full registration fee for getting registered again on the university rolls.

Students must apply for extension to pay the dues one week prior to the due date. Once the due date has passed, students will have to pay the fine as per the rules.

PEC currently accredits Bachelors programs only. None of the MS/ PhD programs offered by other Pakistani Institutions (including UET, NUST etc.) have been accredited by PEC. Furthermore, USA MS/ PHD programs are recognized as USA is a chartered University.

International universities abroad generally accept credits from all Pakistani universities that are recognized by HEC. Students must inquire from the university they intend to join before deciding the transfer of credits procedure as many universities have their own requirements.

PMDC only accredits MBBS and BDS programs. There is no such accreditation needed by PMDC for Faculty of Life and Health Sciences programs of Physiotherapy and Nutritional Sciences.

Teaching for the sake of degree is not what we encourage at USA. We take great pride in our Computer Sciences & Management Sciences programs. USA has customized curriculum meeting market requirements. We are moving towards highly innovative project-based hands on practical learning. USA students hit the markets with jobs waiting for them and command a position of leadership and become instrumental in creating jobs for themselves and others.

Accreditation is a process of endorsement given to different programs of studies offered at a university by respective regulatory bodies.

Affiliation is the process in which one institution (University or Institute) that is chartered by a legislative assembly permits a college to teach certain programs of studies while the chartered institution carry out testing and evaluation process and awards degrees to the passing students.

MBA/MS programs are based on course work only, while MPhil program requires a research thesis and an article to be published in HEC Approved Journals.

A student may defer studies for maximum of two consecutive regular semesters (One Year), for medical or other genuine reasons. Tha application for semester freeze should be submited by the student before the start of semester or within two(2) weeks from the start of semester to Student Affairs Department. Student Affairs Department, after approval and Accounts Clearance, shall notify deferment for a specified period to the Accounts and other concerned departments.

In case the semester has been frozen within 15 days from the start of the semester. The fee for the frozen semester will be carried forward to the next semester in which student is supposed to rejoin. Otherwise no fee will be carried forward in any case.

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