Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, President

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Sitara e Imtiaz, Mohsin e Pakistn, President of University of South Asia

It was my old dream to contribute towards the nation building process. I wanted to be part of the education system and bring a change in university culture by leading from the front, setting up new standards and keep raising the bar of excellence till we match internationals standards and solve our national issues through practical application of knowledge.

Mahmood Sadiq, Chairman Board of Governors

Mahmood Sadiq, Chairman Board of Governors

Universities play a leading role in the growth and development of a society. The graduates of universities act as agents of progress and advancement. If properly trained in their areas of specialization, along with understanding the art of learning, students can become catalysts of positive change.

Studying a few subjects, memorizing some theories and doing limited research is not what we at University of South Asia call “Education”. Here, education has a deeper meaning for us and our students. Here, we believe in a complete transformation of the personality coupled with the right knowledge, skills and vision, charting the path to excellence for our students. At the University of South Asia, we are committed to academic excellence in our classrooms; relevant curricula in our programs; and caring, personal attention to our students.

Mian Imran Masood, Vice Chancellor

Mian Imran Masood, Former Education MinisterVice Chancellor - University of South Asia

Quality education is the need of the hour to address the challenges our country faces. Youth is a powerful tool that must be well-guided, made knowledgeable and effectively utilized to propel our country ahead. When I was in the Government, I collaborated with the private sector to take historic steps that have achieved practical results in the field of education. Now at University of South Asia, I continue to strive for excellence.

At USA, we are embarking on the journey of revamping our curriculum, redesigning our teaching methodology, and placing greater emphasis on applied research and leadership. We are enhancing collaborations with our local and international partners- to explore student exchange programs, internship programs and more opportunities for experiential learning of students. We believe all education must be directed towards a cause- of enhancing society and improving the welfare of the community.

We want to create educated citizen leaders- individuals who not only apply their knowledge most effectively to benefit themselves- but find ways of improving their communities. We inculcate the values of accountability and integrity amongst our students- as we wish to produce a generation that will take this country far ahead. Our students understand that their actions impact society- and are mindful of making positive impact.

Dr. Shafkat Ali Beg, Vice Chairman,PhD Imperial College London

I take this opportunity of welcoming you to the seat of higher learning i.e. University of South Asia. As a student you are entering into an Institution of knowledge and research that has mastered the art of identifying latent potential of students and guiding them to take such courses that can become their passion. This delicate and highly sophisticated job is done by the learned faculty and management staff. Basing on the continuous research in the area of human development they provide environment conducive to learning linked with the ever changing and developing global requirements.

Hina M. Sadiq, Vice Chairperson

Hina M. Sadiq, Vice Chairperson

As a University we are dedicated to free and open debate, unimpeded inquiry and discovery, and to act as a community whose academic vitality and capacity to serve others flow from, and are promoted by, our core values- excellence, innovation and creativity, openness and responsibility.

Our plans for the future include expanding our University Community, bringing people from the widest array of backgrounds and perspectives together to celebrate and learn from our differences, as excellence cannot be achieved without diversity. We will further incorporate technology in our courses to ensure the highest quality instruction and to improve the learning experience of our students. Our desire is to foster entrepreneurial spirit in our students by guiding them to tackle big issues, seize opportunities, and adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

We realize simply covering the curriculum alone is not enough, but rather students need a strong educational foundation and the necessary skill sets to ensure that they stand out in today’s world. That is the direction we are working on.

Dr. Khawaja Bilal, Campus Director

Dr. Khawaja Bilal, Campus Director

It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce University of South Asia Raiwind Campus Lahore to all the aspiring students. We provide state of the art infrastructure and dedicated, devoted and committed faculty. The Campus is continuously striving hard to achieve excellence in imparting education in disciplines like Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with the help of its highly qualified and dedicated faculty. The Raiwind Campus has a magnificent infrastructure spread over 30 kanals, which has been witnessing continuous developments since 2012. Campus is an excellent education center with state of the art Laboratories, Computer Centre, Library and Workshops. The students of Engineering and Computer Science are selected through a rigorous procedure of entry test and two tiers of interviews.

The institute itself has a glorious standing of more than 23 years now and continue to evolve as the most reputed private educational group in the field of Engineering, Computer Science, Management and Architecture. The training provided here not just prepares students for academic excellence but also makes them ready to face global challenges.

My best wishes to all candidates who aspire to join University of South Asia, Raiwind Campus, Lahore.

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