The International Office


The aim of this Office is to support students and faculty at University of South Asia by connecting them to global opportunities including scholarships, conferences, exchange programs and webinars with eminent scholars.


We encourage students who are interested to pursue graduates studies abroad, whether Turkey, Malaysia, UK, or Canada, or any country of their choice, to meet our Advisor via appointment within the first month of their joining the semester in Year 1 of Studies.

In that appointment, we will make a plan to get you to the University of your Choice upon graduation and inform you of the entire process including admission process, documents required, English language requirements, visa process, and financial requirements.

Our advice to students is to work from Day 1 on an impressive graduate study admission application, that will highlight their academic interests, leadership capabilities, and other skills that will make them stand out. This is all achievable, but it requires commitment and planning.

Additionally, our team works with any student going abroad for a semester exchange or further studies to opt for a pre-departure training program. In this 2 week module, students are given training by Faculty Members who themselves have studied abroad over communications, food and lodging, emergency planning, currency and cost management, personal grooming, best practices living alone and travel details are reviewed, to ensure they are well prepared for what lies ahead.

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