Choosing a career like ‘Architecture’ with a specialized PCATP approved degree Bachelors in Architecture (5 years) helps you with your professional growth and takes care of your personal skills as well. Alternatively, a degree like Bachelors in Building and  Construction also sets you on the path to success.

Choosing a career demands interest and capability to excel in the required skills.

Similarly, if someone is interested in opting for architecture and planning, he/she should be aware of the required skills to be an ace architect.

Skills of an Architect

Architecture is a branch, for all the people interested in modelling and remodelling buildings, houses, monuments and other architectural structures. A promising field like architecture can help one to grow personally as well as professionally.

Becoming a successful architect also requires admission in a good university. Getting admission in PCATP approved universities like University of South Asia is a great way to start.

These universities provide the best facilities to help building individual futures.

If one is in dilemma and needs to be sure if he/she will be able to do justice with the career, then knowing the qualities of a good architecture student is a must. Here are some of the skills required to be an architect:

Analytical Mind

To be a good architect student doesn’t just mean attending classes and getting a degree with high grades.

It is also about being creative and having problem-solving strategies in mind.

One needs to keep looking for the best solutions and alternatives as per the requirement.

Overcoming all the constructional challenges and coming out with the best designs to avoid structural issues are also the much-needed attributes of an expert architect.

Design & Drawing

One of the most important aspects of architecture and planning is to know about creative designs and drawings while incorporating the use of technology.

One must be really good at sketching the new and creative constructional ideas. These skills can be enhanced with time, but one must have passion for it.

Mathematical Skills

The study is all about doing measurements and calculations every day. Thus, being good in mathematical skills goes without saying.

Mathematical skills don’t only talk about doing calculations but also challenge one’s arithmetic and geometrical abilities.


An architect needs to focus on each and every detail. A simple error can create a huge fault in whole design and consequently, construction will be stopped.

Thus, an architect needs to have a keen eye for details. In most of the construction companies, the requirement is of 100% accuracy and nothing less, for you to be successful.

Team Support and Handling

Today, in most of the organisations, teamwork is encouraged as well as required as a priority to meet deadlines and get work done effectively. Architects need to work in teams for big construction projects. Team-handling becomes an unavoidable trait of an architect.

Thus, overall, a person looking for a career as an architect and builder should have the above-mentioned skills. If one embodies the traits and has a passion for the same, he/she should never give it a second thought and just enroll and begin the journey.