Digital Symposium

Digital Symposium – Round 1

Round One of Digital Symposium- Educate Distinctively was successfully conducted under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Mian Imran Masood, and QEC Director, Mr. Aamir Abbas.

It is a new milestone to University of South Asia’s initiative to connect industry and academia in meaningful dialogue and ensure all academic programs give best value and outcome to students.

A symposium which provides an opportunity to evaluate, the challenges faced by the industry and academia during the transition along with solutions to overcome those challenges.

Digital Symposium – Round 2

Decoding online education in the Digital Symposium

Amidst the current environment, there has been a significant movement towards offering education online. USA, which recently became the first Pakistani University to hold a Digital Symposium connecting best thought leaders from Industry, Academia, and Higher Education Commission, has been supporting its students with its focus on student-centricity; market-driven academic degrees and latest knowledge being given in classrooms.

We have amazing panellist to put light on the transformation; a shift towards digital.

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