During the course of your study, you develop a range of skills which include illustration design techniques, technical drawing, apparel management, fashion management, etc.

As part of your curriculum, you also get to learn sewing, tailoring, pattern draping techniques and some on the job training.

Moreover, you also gain an understanding of all things uber cool like latest fashion trends, brand and market awareness and the issues faced by the fashion industry.

Besides this, there are a host of other things that you learn during the course of your degree like enhancement of communication skills, problem-solving skills, time management, etc.

What could you be?

Have you always wanted to pursue your higher education in something that is super interesting? Then, go in for fashion designing as it is the perfect choice for you.

After attaining the bachelor of design in fashion design degree, the sea of opportunities available are unimaginable.

And NO, being a fashion designer isn’t the only option you have.

In fact, you can be anything from a clothing technologist to an event manager to a retail merchandiser.

Here are some of the other designations you can be recruited as.

Retail Buyer
Retail Manager
Textile designer
Visual merchandiser

Moreover, if it seems to interest you, you can also work as a Jewellery Designer, Magazine Journalist or Make-up artist.

Once you venture into the field of fashion and design, the entire fashion industry is waiting for you.

If you work hard in this industry, sky is the limit for you.

In the fashion industry, jobs are everywhere-
Export houses dealing with textile, handloom and clothing exports.
Haute Couture
Fashion Shows where you can work in various segments based on your area of interest.
TV and Film Production units require people from the design background quite frequently.
Government-handloom and textile manufacturers are always looking for people with adequate knowledge.

Your own Fashion House where you also have the future scope to hire more people like you

Talking about ‘opening your own fashion house’, doesn’t the thought of it seem interesting? It might look like a far sighted affair as of now but who knows your designs might be an absolute hit among everyone?

Imagine people saving a major chunk of their earnings just so they can afford a single dress of yours. Sounds thrilling right? Well, go ahead and Google some more on this action-packed degree which promises an exciting future.