Tale Teller of Artificial Intelligence!

Chapter 1: Where it all started?

“It is good to be certain, one has to be sufficiently vague” ~ Charles Sanders Peirce

The innate art of wondering is what that has made humankind ponder over the hidden realities of the world and gradually evolve. Humans when started questioning the existence of each entity around them their thought process and power of perceiving got stronger and clearer. Hence led to endless amazing discoveries and scientific creations which uplifted the lifecycle from cave to condos. Although the evolution of human brain from questioning to conclusions took centuries, the core of thought process always revolved around just three aspects i.e. what? why? and how?. While looking for answers of their own intriguing thought process, humankind developed most powerful tool, Intelligence! A tool that made them stand tall, fly the skies, land on other planets, and make their mark even on galaxies far, far away.


Chapter 2: An Idea When Incepted, Changed The Entire World..!


Now that humans had created advanced era of technology and introduced the machine age their core of thought process grew another outer layer of What More? In 20th century their lust of wonderment got combined with desire of supremacy and they started working on theories and devices which can do tasks of humans and even better than them. Alan Turing paved the path of modern age computers and technology by introducing the concept of machines learning on their own. It was just an idea..!

Idea that changed the entire world after its inception. Machines were designed to learn from the intelligence and experiences of humans, build their own intelligence, carry out tasks by that intelligence, and learn from their own experiences. As astonishing as the idea sounded, it was something more than it appeared right from the beginning.



Chapter 3: Welcoming the Digital-Kind!

Algorithms started getting written which could predict those analytics that even humans could not. Machines started getting build which could enumerate those statistics that even humans could not. From satellites to Siri, then entering the latest era of robotics and IOT, it all just grew in blink of an eye and now we have Sophia, the very first robot to be given citizenship by Saudi Arabia in 2018. Hence, humankind handed over the torch of intelligence to what I like to call Digital-Kind, where this new kind was designed to outperform us, the humans, in every aspect possible.


Chapter 4: Can Digital-Kind Beat Humankind?


This digital-kind has a stronger core of thought process as it is not reluctant to change and it keeps on wondering, evaluating its own performance, and evolving.

Perhaps someday they (the digital-kind) will prove to be better than us (the humankind) as they do not retaliate to learning and growing. Their intelligence, named as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hardly few years old and already exceeding in whatever industry it is utilized in whatever capacity. Either it is a testing algorithm, chunk of code, a beautiful simulation, or arm of robot, AI is now strongest tool to achieve bigger than better results. Name any field from industry to business to household to academia, digital-kind is everywhere! Everywhere helping us to perform tasks that could only be dreamt about just a few decades back. Without a doubt, this digital-kind has become our shadow of days and nights without which humankind now feels handicapped. However, humankind needs to be alarmed to keep that ultimate Switch-Off button in its own hand..!

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