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  • Media literacy Campaign

    May 24, 2017

    The group offered variety of products, challenging students to advertise any product in best way possible to win a Pepsi. This activity was an eye opener and message for the public as they offered FREE Pepsi to those who advertised the products. The students advertised the products just to win a Pepsi, without thinking of the product's use or harm. Similarly, the actors just advertise for sake of money, leaving audience in complexity and urge to be like them. More

  • Cleanliness Campaign

    May 18, 2017

    A Cleanliness Campaign was conducted by the students of Department of Media Studies to fulfill the requirement of their course on Development Communication. Students displayed posters and distributed flyers among the students of the University to create awareness regarding the significance of a clean environment. More

  • Department of Law - Annual Dinner

    May 12, 2017

    Students of Law Department hosted an energetic dinner cum-farewell party as a part of their Annual Activity. More

Resource Center

University has a resource centre that is main source of IT infra structure and hardware. It contains full time IT professionals always keen to help students, faculty members and management staff to continue their IT operations. Resource is main source of providing hardware and/or support services within the university premises.

Services of Resource Center

Students, faculty members and management staff at USA are provided with accounts so that they can access online and offline resources at USA. Their access to system is controlled by standard controlling mechanism. This mechanism includes different layers of protection including physical appearance, RFID cards, thumb impression identification and username/password based authorization and authentication.

University offers its students, faculty members and management staff with software installation, printing, scanning and other computing services. Many of the new comers (both students and university employees) are not well expert of such services and these services carry a lot of importance for them. University goes one step further to train such users for these services so that next time they take care of such services by themselves.

These services provide the University with ways of uniquely identifying members of the University (electronically and via identity cards), and methods for controlling access to services using standard authentication and authorization methods. Another layer of protection is provided through group based policies. Additionally, IT department at USA operates a central IT Security group to protect the University's networks and machines from malicious computer attacks and network harassment.

This service includes backup of electronic data. Users are allowed to backup their data on a dedicated data server. This backed up data will be later available to user on request. Right now data backup service is only available to USA faculty members but soon this service will be extended to students so they can also backup their important data on data server. This centre also helps management to initiate, design, plan and execute new IT based projects.

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