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News & Events

  • 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology (ICB)

    Feb 8, 2017

    The 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology: Challenges and opportunities in Pakistan organized by University of South Asia, Lahore in collaboration with UNIDO, More

  • 2nd National Conference on Emerging Technologies (NCET-2016)

    Dec 6, 2016

    The 2nd National Conference on Emerging Technologies, organized by University of South Asia, Lahore in collaboration with Pakistan Academy of Sciences is to be held on 06 and 07 December,2016. More

  • Student Poster Competition (SPC-2016)

    Dec 6, 2016

    The Student Poster Competition (SPC-2016)’s main focus will be gathering of students from different universities to address the current technological issues and advancements in emerging technologies. For the progress of any country, the research activities must be done in close association with industries. More

Quality Enhancement Cell

In the present changing times and the age of knowledge, what can be more important than implementing quality, especially in higher education? Higher education is the main pillar which supports the nation’s innovation and research. It is a wheel which, if set in motion, will never stop but will take us to great heights as well as unfathomable depths of learning and knowledge.

The University of South Asia (USA) takes great pride in being part of this national as well as an international quality journey to enhance quality across the entire University and be able to stand taller at the national as well as the international level. Moreover, the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) has also  been formed which will act as a focal point for the facilitation of the implementation of  HEC prescribed standards as well as the enhancement of quality initiatives in a continuous manner. With special patronage and continuous personal involvement from the VC UMT Dr Mian Imran Masood will act as ‘catalyst body’ to help expedite the quality implementation and attain new standards of excellence for USA.

QEC Vision

The vision of QEC is to become an innovative Quality centre with national and international linkages and to facilitate the change activities USA wide.

QEC Mission

The mission of QEC is to become a facilitator in enhancing the USA wide Quality of the academic programs as well as effective management of all the internal processes to satisfy various stakeholders including students, faculty, parents, corporate partners and society. QEC is also to provide informational support for academic policies and contributing towards timely feedback of all the stakeholders.

QEC Values

Honesty of purpose Clarity of thought and actions Transparency Impartiality Continual improvement in the relevant processes

Following are the eight criteria as prescribed by HEC which require to be complied with on a continuous basis by developing annual Self Assessment Reports (SARs).
1. Program Mission, Objectives and Outcomes
2. Curriculum Design and Organization
3. Laboratories and Computing Facilities
4. Student Support and Guidance
5. Process Control
6. Faculty
7. Institutional Facilities
8. Institutional Support

- Student Course Evaluation Questionnaire
- Faculty Course Review
- Survey of Graduate Students
- Research Students Progress Review Form
- Faculty Survey
- Survey of Department Offering PhD Programs
- Survey of Alumni
- Survey of Employers
- Faculty Resume
- Teachers Evaluation Form

Contact us

Quality Enhancement Cell
University of South Asia
47- Tufail Road Lahore Cantt.
Email:[email protected]

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